90’s Fashion Trends

For Flashback Friday, I decided to go back and take a look at the fashion trends of the 90’s. I’ve noticed that we’ve been a little lacking in the “Girly” department of this blog so I wanted to balance it out some.


Some of the specific things I remember were the flat tops, bright neon colors, baggy pants, and grunge look. Here are some of the things I came across and decided to share.



Personally, did not wear them but they were really in for some reason. Haha.

Tying Sweaters/Jackets around the Waist


I think we’re all guilty of this one. I just think it was too convenient not too.

Cargo Pants


I loved these pants and still do! They were just too comfortable and too awesome with all their pockets. I have it in the back of my mind to track a pair down and buy them.



Good geezus, I hated these things. I remember my parents buying me the set with matching jacket and pants. They were so loud and being as shy as I was, it was drawing more attention to me than I ever wanted.

Wearing your Cap Backwards


This was huge. “Huge” being an understatement. No one wore their cap forward unless you were actually playing baseball or were uncool.

Wallets with Chains


These are still relatively popular, but not as much as they were back in the 90’s. You just weren’t nearly as cool or grunge if you didn’t have a chain hanging out from your wallet.

Reef Sandals


I think everyone and their mom and her mom had a pair of these. They were just too easy and convenient, like most fashion trends in the 90’s. Comfort was key!

Slap Bracelets


Fashion trend or toy? Both? 🙂 I say both. Kids never had so much fun slapping themselves.

Tagged Up Backpacks


If you mom knew any better, she’d buy you a black backpack. Why? Because everyone always ended up drawing or writing something on them!

These were just of the few I decided to post about, but there just a ton more. 🙂 Did you grow up in the 90’s? Was there something that you distinctly remember that I didn’t post? Do share!



8 thoughts on “90’s Fashion Trends

  1. I totally did the tying sweater vest thing, and i still do it now that hoodies are part of my primary fashion style. The cragos were my parents idea of good fashion 😛 i hated them (not cool). Hats backwards i did from time to time, but dad hated that and would always tell me stories about bad boys that wore theirs the same way to deter me. I also like the chain hanging out of the pocket style, not for the wallet but more for a “pocket watch” (i’m eccentric, plus i think it’ll make me more like Edward Elric).

    • Ooh, seems like someone needs to do some articles on his own style. 🙂 Oh, and pictures of course. Haha. And kudos to you on the pocket watch idea! It’s very sophisticated. I actually had the Edward Elric watch for a good while until the chain broke. Imitations just aren’t made that well. Thanks for commenting!

      – Britney

  2. Also the upside down and to the side visors on boys with spiky hair lol. Everyone wanted the spice girl platform sneakers. Oh and jelly sandals that would give you blisters straight from hell lol. -Kelly

    • Haha, I forgot about the visor style. And boy do I remember those jelly sandals. The ones with the glitter and stuff inside right? They were so neat looking but yeah.. blisters straight from hell.

      – Britney

    • I was so tempted to post something about Lisa Frank. That was HUGE. Every girl in my school had to have the folders and I remember my mom telling me she wouldn’t buy them because they were more expensive and not worth it. I was so mad, haha. But neon colors were so in it was ridiculous.

      – Britney

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