5 Really Good Reasons Why It’s Fine For Women To Be Underrepresented In Video Games

5 Really Good Reasons Why It’s Fine For Women To Be Underrepresented In Video Games

Ok, when I first read the title for this article I immediately geared up to be flaming pissed off by the end of it. As I read through it, the room was getting hot and the walls closing in. I was starting to see red. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! It wasn’t until a couple statements way too unrealistic to even be written that I realized that it was satirical. Oh, and to be noted as a tag at the end as well.

Haha, very funny. But really, after our last blog about female bullying in geekdom it sort of fit the bill. It’s a good representation of the bias against women in a lot of geeky realms. Why? The bias is just plain ridiculous! I’m seriously awaiting the day that geeky men realize that women are in the realm of geekdom, have been in it, and will continue to exist in it whether they like it or not.

And hey, shouldn’t they be damn happy that they have all these fine ladies enjoying the same things they do? The same type of ladies that would be willing to accept that their guy might want to chill at home one night to play a video game than go out and party it up. Mhm. Better just accept it and be grateful, my dear geeky men.


– Britney



90’s Fashion Trends

For Flashback Friday, I decided to go back and take a look at the fashion trends of the 90’s. I’ve noticed that we’ve been a little lacking in the “Girly” department of this blog so I wanted to balance it out some.


Some of the specific things I remember were the flat tops, bright neon colors, baggy pants, and grunge look. Here are some of the things I came across and decided to share.



Personally, did not wear them but they were really in for some reason. Haha.

Tying Sweaters/Jackets around the Waist


I think we’re all guilty of this one. I just think it was too convenient not too.

Cargo Pants


I loved these pants and still do! They were just too comfortable and too awesome with all their pockets. I have it in the back of my mind to track a pair down and buy them.



Good geezus, I hated these things. I remember my parents buying me the set with matching jacket and pants. They were so loud and being as shy as I was, it was drawing more attention to me than I ever wanted.

Wearing your Cap Backwards


This was huge. “Huge” being an understatement. No one wore their cap forward unless you were actually playing baseball or were uncool.

Wallets with Chains


These are still relatively popular, but not as much as they were back in the 90’s. You just weren’t nearly as cool or grunge if you didn’t have a chain hanging out from your wallet.

Reef Sandals


I think everyone and their mom and her mom had a pair of these. They were just too easy and convenient, like most fashion trends in the 90’s. Comfort was key!

Slap Bracelets


Fashion trend or toy? Both? 🙂 I say both. Kids never had so much fun slapping themselves.

Tagged Up Backpacks


If you mom knew any better, she’d buy you a black backpack. Why? Because everyone always ended up drawing or writing something on them!

These were just of the few I decided to post about, but there just a ton more. 🙂 Did you grow up in the 90’s? Was there something that you distinctly remember that I didn’t post? Do share!


Childhood T.V. Geeks of the 90’s

Any 90’s kid will tell you everything was better when we were growing up especially the television shows. So for today’s Flashback Friday post I’m listing 10 of my favorite TV geeks in no particular order of the 90’s and if you’re anything like me by the end you will be wishing you were back on your living room floor drinking a can of surge watching all of these great shows.


10. Dexter of Dexter’s Laboratory 1996

I absolutely loved this show and of course the character Dexter. He made you want to have your own secret laboratory and do all sorts of crazy experiments. He had very tight security over the laboratory but somehow Dee Dee always managed to find her way inside and wreak havoc.

“Omelette du fromage”


9. Phoebe of Hey Arnold 1996

Phoebe is the best friend of Helga Pataki in the show she is just like any other geeky/nerdy girl always having to be right and first hand to shoot up in the air.

“Coming Helga!”

Ginger 2

8.  Ginger Foutley, Dodie Bishop, and Macie Lightfoot of As Told by Ginger 2000

This is a three for one and technically it aired in 2000 but I’m still going to count it. These girls were basically just like my friends and I when we were younger and I’m sure a lot of other girls can relate. It’s the classic story of geeks trying to make it.

“And if time teaches us anything in this crazy world it’s that nothing worth having ever comes easy.”

Smart guy

7. T.J. Henderson of Smart guy 1997

T.J. is a kid genius he goes to high school along with his older brother Marcus and sister Yvette. My favorite thing about this show were the exchanges with T.J. and Mo. It was filled with many morality type stories from what I remember and it was over all very good and even though T.J. was so incredibly smart he was still very much a kid in many aspects.

“I’ll try to be more sensitive to the fact that you’re dumber than me.”


6. Filburt of Rocko’s Modern Life 1993

Filburt is the epitome of stereotypical nerds. He’s always nervous introverted and has many fears. He manages to let go of it all in one episode though where he reaches puberty. He also gets into many hijinks with Rocko and Hefer.

“I’m nauseous.”


5. Gretchen of Recess 1997

Gretchen is very intelligent and unlike some nerds that are depicted she has many friends. They’re always supporting each other in all that they do. Every time some plot comes along for the troupe she is of course the brains of the operation.

“A-?! My life is flashing before my eyes!”


4. Velma of Scooby Doo 1969

Although Scooby Doo aired well before the 90’s I grew up watching it and I’m sure you all did as well. Velma always seemed a bit downplayed by the always shining Daphne but her character, smarts and charm make me like her most 🙂



3. Sam aka The Squid of Rocket Power 1999

In every group of kids there’s the brain like some that I’ve already listed and Sam is definitely one of them. His character grows with him and as the show goes on he becomes more and more brave and athletic like the rest.

“They got sand in the potato salad!”

Lisa 2

2. Lisa of The Simpsons 1989

I couldn’t do this list without the most known nerd girl of them all Lisa Simpson. She loves to read and play her sax. Always the overachiever in everything she does. She’s simply brilliant and this world could do with more girls like her.

“Mom, romance is dead. It was acquired in a hostile takeover by Hallmark and Disney, homogenized, and sold off piece by piece.”


1. Stuart Minkus of Boy Meets World 1993

And last but not least Minkus. Though he was only on the show for a little while he was one of my favorite characters with his witty quips and he was overall just very funny.

“Why should I help you? You made fun of Mr. Feeny and said he gets paid too much.”


In the times we’re living in where it’s cool to be stupid I like to think there are still kids just like these characters. Even though they are scripted and fictional they speak to me. We need shows like this again for the generations to come. They taught me about being a friend and not being afraid to be who I am. Even though I’ve failed at that many times I like to look back at these shows and remember these characters and all that they taught me. If I’ve left out any of your favorites just let me know in the comments below thank you so much for reading 🙂


A Ray of Sunshine!

Here I wake up to a perfectly normal morning. I get up, feed my kitties, and grab my scrumptious cup of coffee hoping just for a comment or two. Well I did get those comments, but what I didn’t expect was a nomination for a blogger award! Geeky ‘n Girly has been nominated for The Sunshine Blogger Award.


Too excited for words, or maybe that’s just the lack of caffeine in my system?


So here’s How It Works:

  • Use the award logo in this post.
  • Link to the person who nominated you. Thank you Video Games Nebula for nominating GnG! We’re so thankful!
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10 Fun Facts

(This will be 5 on Britney and 5 on Kelly, to make it even! ^^)


1.) I was born in CA, but raised in TX.

2.) I’m a geek, and also a country girl. Not afraid of dirt or sweat at all.  😉

3.) I love to go dancing! (Club, not country.)

4.) I’m afraid of open heights.

5.) I revere, respect, and love nature and animals as a whole.


1.) I’m under 5ft tall.

2.) I love gangster/mobster movies.

3.) I’ve been in 11 different school.

4.) My favorite band is Death Cab for Cutie.

5.) My high school sweetheart and I have been together for over 7 years and he is geekier than I am.

10 Blog Nominees

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Go check out these blogs. Seriously.  🙂  They deserve your blogger love.

– Britney & Kelly

Why is there a Geeky Girl Stigma?

GnG would like to introduce: Who, What, and Why – Wednesday? Every Wednesday, Kelly and I will pick out of those categories and talk about a person, an item, or just a thought. Today, mine’s a “Why”?


Time and time again, I hear geeky guys swear up and down that they’d like nothing more than be in a relationship with a geeky girl. This would be the type of girl who would play video games all night with him instead of complain about needing “us time”, and the same type to get all giddy when a new awesome anime series starts. The list goes on and on, really.

My beef with the geeky guys of society is, why don’t you talk to us? I’ve noticed that when I walk into a table top game store, a comic store, a video game store, ect. that the guys inside don’t talk to me. (Excluding the employees!) Now normally I don’t second guess that type of behavior. You’re in a store, buying what you want, and then you leave. I can understand that. However, when you’re in a store that also doubles as a place to socialize and play table top games there is no excuse!

I’m talking dozens of geeky guys. All of them are talking, playing games, cracking jokes, and shopping. It looks like tons of fun, until I realize that none of them even look my way a second time. It’s like I don’t exist. No looking, no eye contact, no talking. You’d think I was some kind of Apex predator about to eat them alive! It may not be direct, but we get shunned. I can be literally standing right next to one of my guy friends who is talking to another geeky guy and not be acknowledged at all by the other guy.

I’ve voiced these thoughts to friends, and I’ve had the guys tell me. “Well, they’re too shy and intimidated.” On some level, I accept this. Girls can intimidate guys, especially the introverted types. However, I’m here now to let everyone in on something. Geeky girls are going to be the easiest type of girl that a geeky guy can interact with! We’re into the same things, have the same passions, and keep the same hobbies. We are the girls of your dreams.

So speak up, geeky guys! Your wonder girls are in these stores, at these events, playing these games, and yet you don’t dare talk to us. No wonder geeky guys complain that they’re so lonely in the girl department.

I’m insanely interested in everyone’s input. Are you a geeky girl suffering the same neglect, or a geeky girl that hasn’t had this problem? Oppositely speaking, Are you a geeky guy that’s intimated, or maybe one that isn’t afraid to speak up at all? Tell me, tell me!


Pokemon Nostalgia

Hey there it’s Kelly, earlier Britney introduced our first flashback Friday post and here is mine for the day!


My post is about as you can tell pokemon! I just really wanted to talk about being a kid and remembering my first experiences with the show and everything else that came along after. The first time I ever watched the show it was an early Saturday morning my brother and I were in front of the television watching what every 90’s kid did. Saturday morning cartoons. While eating cereal we were flipping around the channels when we happened across the very first episode. We were instantly hooked and thinking to ourselves this is so awesome what is this? When can I watch more!? We went to school virtually no one knew what we were talking about but when the fandom that was pokemon hit the scene it just took over. Kids were trading cards in the bathrooms and out on the playground during recess. My favorite card I ever had I had gotten a single pack of cards at walmart and inside was a holographic dark dragonite card I thought I had found the holy grail of cards lol. Then the movies started to come out.


You’re liar if you say you didn’t cry lol. Pokemon just holds a special place in my heart and makes me feel like a carefree little kid and in this grown up hard world it’s nice to feel that way sometimes. I always hoped a boy would come along and steal my bike and end up taking me on an adventure. I’m sure a lot of 90’s girls felt that way. We would like to know what was your first experience like and what your favorite games and merchandise were just comment below 🙂 -Kelly

Manga Love

I haven’t done a post on manga yet so I thought I should. There is a wide variety of different types of manga to suit everyone’s taste but personally I prefer shoujo. I love shounen anime but I haven’t read any manga in that category. I did start Gintama which I love but didn’t have the time but now I’m reading so many shoujo ones I really don’t have the time lol. This is just a list of some of my favorites if you have a correlating love for these mangas let me know! I would love to discuss them.


1. Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

I love this manga for so many reasons it’s one of my absolute favorites. At first I wasn’t so sure I would like it but I was instantly hooked. Then I found out there was an anime of it too! There is only one season but I’ve heard talks of a second and that would be so great.
Ayuzawa Misaki is a wonderful lead in this she’s strong willed and passionate that’s one of the main reasons I love this manga so much. Usui Takumi is the male lead and he is equally wonderful. Sadly it will be ending very soon but it’s had a great run. It has it’s funny moments and hilarious side characters as well as it’s serious tear jerking moments. If you have thought about reading this manga and have any doubts I promise you won’t be disappointed by it.


2. Vampire Knight

This was the very first manga I read! It’s so good and you get so into the character relationships and get attached to them. I really felt pain for Zero and all he’s gone through you really just want to console him. In my opinion Yuki starts out really weak and always needs to be saved but she gets stronger as the manga progresses. This one will always hold a special place and I like that it has some pretty epic battle scenes.


3. Say I love you

I read the manga first then watched the anime a lot was changed in the anime but it’s like that with all of them. I really like the art in this manga. The way the characters are drawn can affect the entire mood of the story and willingness to read it. I haven’t come across many art styles like this but it’s very nice. Kurosawa Yamato is so cute and so is Takemura Kai. Tachibana Mei is one of my favorite female characters ever (aside from Hinata from Naruto she’s my number 1). She reminds me of me when I was younger and it’s beautiful to see her character progress as she makes more friends and lets her guard down.


4. Watashi ni xx shinasai

I love love this one! It gives me little butterflies when I read it and I also like the art in this one. I can’t wait for more updates! It’s definitely got it’s dramatic points and times you can’t decide which side your on and it just keeps you wanting more. Yukina makes you want to scream at her every now and then but overall it’s a great read and I love it.Well those are my favorites at the moment. What are your favorite mangas we would love to know and are open to discussions just comment below!

– Kelly