Zero-Worry Make Up: Estee Lauder’s Double Wear

Instead of a tutorial, I thought I would go the review route.  🙂  We don’t do that too often actually.

The subject? Estee Lauder’s Double Wear products. While I haven’t had experience with all the products, I wear their Double Wear Liquid Foundation and Double Wear Liquid liner. Both are excellent.


If you are seeking a foundation with good coverage and that will stay on no matter the oiliness of your skin, sweat, and even swimming, then this is definitely something you might like. The foundation is smooth and doesn’t cake into cracks or wrinkles which is great. Of course, it’s most promising feature is how long lasting it is. You could literally put this on before a day of swimming or camping and you’re good. No need to reapply or worry. The only con is that if you have dry skin, you wont want this foundation. It will dry it out further. I, on the other-hand, have oily skin and this is the perfect foundation to keep my oiliness in check. However, this stuff lasts! It retails for $36.00, and comes in plenty of shades. It’s definitely worth it!

PS: If you don’t need or want full coverage, then there is also a Light Double Wear Foundation that is equally great. It stays in place just as well.

The second product that I’ve used is the Double Wear Liquid Liner.


This felt tip eyeliner is amazing. Talk about zero-smudge! They’re not kidding, ladies. I’ve had my brown D.W. liner for just about two years now and it’s still good. You can literally sleep in this eyeliner and chances are, it’ll still be in place the next day. In fact, the foundation and the liner are pretty much the ultimate duo if you don’t want to have to worry about your make-up! It comes in black and brown, and retails for $23.00. If you want a great liquid liner that wont smudge on you, go get this one!

Anyone wear Estee Lauder? It’s not just for old ladies, haha.



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