Alice and Cheshire Cat Makeup


These are photos straight from my instagram it isn’t a tutorial I just wanted to share with you guys 🙂 I saw a youtube video for makeup like this by Lucyxx84 and I think her makeup is so beautiful and it inspired me to create this look. I have been wanting to do more cosplay/costume makeup for a while now and decided to practice with this today.


I didn’t do the same colors as the Tim Burton Cheshire cat I wanted to stick with the colors of the animated Alice and I am very pleased with how it turned out. I have many different brands and types of makeup on but the main product I use when doing costume makeup is my NYX jumbo pencil in milk. I have very sensitive skin so I don’t want to use face paint so I love that the NYX pencil is so creamy so I can use it on my entire face as I’ve done in the past with my sugar skull makeup or as a base for my eye makeup. It’s also good to put on your lips on top of your lipstick to add dimension and just blend it out. For all of the lines I make I use a thin tipped liquid liner pen and go back over with pencil and black shadow. For my hair I just pin curled it and let it set while I did my makeup.


Please let me know your thoughts on this look and if you would like to see more cosplay/costume makeup looks with in depth tutorials and if you would what are some characters you would like to see. I am always open to suggestions. 🙂



Knights of Sidonia Ep. 1-5 – First Impression

I came across the trailer for a new anime, Knights of Sidonia, that was being shown exclusively on Netflix. Here is that trailer:


And here is the official synopsis:

“The story follows the struggle of human survival amongst the monstrous shapeshifting aliens “Gauna” who all but destroyed the solar system a millennia ago and are bent on eliminating humans from existence.

Nagate Tanikaze, a low-born youth in a society of genetically engineered humans – now refugees that escaped the destruction of Earth one thousand years earlier, occupying the massive ship Sidonia. Nagate grew up living in the bottom layers of Sidonia away from civilization and raised by his now deceased grandfather. When Nagate’s talent as a pilot is revealed he becomes one of Sidonia’s elite defenders against the Guana.


From the trailer itself, I found myself pretty open minded. Mecha space-travel sci-fi type anime is sort of a 50-50 for me personally. I’ve had some of my favorites crop up out of this genre and have also been sorely disappointed.

Now I didn’t just watch the first episode to give y’all my opinion. I watched episodes 1-5, and I will admit that I didn’t do that entirely out of discipline. It got me!

Episode one was a little slow for my tastes, but after that you get introduced to the type of environment that the humans live in, how they survive, their societal structure, and many other things. Some of it is run of the mill, but then some of it is new and quite interesting. The depth of the characters grow as you move through the episodes. You learn as you go with this story, and that’s the way I like it. I don’t want the whole ton of information to be dropped on my head in the first or even second episode!

You’ll also find that in terms of storyline, this anime is not wishy-washy. I’d say it’s somewhere in between the tragic disturbance that is Attack on Titan and the sweet youthful interactions and typical cold shoulders you’d find in say.. Gundam Seed.

The animation is on it’s own playing field. It’s not ordinary anime drawing style. Instead, it’s more digitally fluid in terms of movement. This made me sort of have to pay very close attention to facial expression as they weren’t as blatantly obvious as in other anime. It also makes it seem as if the character’s movement is a little sluggish. This did bug me at first, but I didn’t really notice it as I continued to watch the episodes. Perhaps I got used to it?

Yes, we’ll go with that. Why? Because after you get used to the fluidity of the animation, you realize how beautiful it is and how suitable it is for scenes of space combat!

Let’s just say that I am impressed by this anime thus far. Netflix has 12 episodes total to watch, and I’m really hoping that isn’t the total count. I’d like to see at least 25 episodes. The storyline is certainly worth that and more.

Needless to say, I’ll be watching the rest of Knights of Sidonia. Afterward, I’ll do a follow-up post and let everyone know what I thought.

So far, so good!







Harry Potter Month!


We wanted to let everyone know that we are going to be doing a Harry Potter themed month as this month is his birthday! July 31st, to be exact.

So expect to see at least one H.P. post a week from us, all with varying topics and neat stuff! We have some interesting things to show y’all so do stop by each week. (If you don’t already, that is! ;D)

That being said, we’re kicking it off with a Hogwarts’ Houses Poll!







5 Really Good Reasons Why It’s Fine For Women To Be Underrepresented In Video Games

5 Really Good Reasons Why It’s Fine For Women To Be Underrepresented In Video Games

Ok, when I first read the title for this article I immediately geared up to be flaming pissed off by the end of it. As I read through it, the room was getting hot and the walls closing in. I was starting to see red. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! It wasn’t until a couple statements way too unrealistic to even be written that I realized that it was satirical. Oh, and to be noted as a tag at the end as well.

Haha, very funny. But really, after our last blog about female bullying in geekdom it sort of fit the bill. It’s a good representation of the bias against women in a lot of geeky realms. Why? The bias is just plain ridiculous! I’m seriously awaiting the day that geeky men realize that women are in the realm of geekdom, have been in it, and will continue to exist in it whether they like it or not.

And hey, shouldn’t they be damn happy that they have all these fine ladies enjoying the same things they do? The same type of ladies that would be willing to accept that their guy might want to chill at home one night to play a video game than go out and party it up. Mhm. Better just accept it and be grateful, my dear geeky men.


– Britney


Noms of My Generation

It’s time again for Flashback Friday and today I’m going to be looking back at the best noms of my childhood. Some of these items are still available at your local grocery store but sadly many of them aren’t.  😦  It’s alright though, it’s nice to look back and remember what we stuffed our faces with while sitting in front of the TV, having sleep overs with our best friends or secretly trading at school.



These were the coolest things ever. I remember when our little grocery store in town stocked them and my brother and I had to have them. They were the best to scarf down while drinking a soda and playing computer games (at least that’s what I did) just watch those orange fingers. 🙂



Hands down the best flavored gum and I loved that it was in little pieces and the fact it was in a little jug made it feel like you had a ton of it.



Colored ketchup! If I remember correctly you could get the green ketchup at burger king with a mighty kids meal.



Oh I wonder wonder what’s in wonder ball! Come on you know you just sang that. I think the best appeal of the wonder ball was the fact that you got two different candies in one the chocolate outside and the sweet tart like candies on the inside.



Bubble beepers enough said. I’m sure a lot of kids now would have no idea what these are but then you were pretty cool rocking one of these babies on the pocket of your jeans.



This cereal was so good it was so hard to choose between these and cookie crisp.



This gum was great too. I loved the fact that it came in a tin. When all the gum was gone it was the perfect mini storage container.



Now the gum that was so tasty but lasted for like a second but fruit stripe made up for it with the awesome tattoos on the wrappers.



This was my absolute favorite cereal of all time! It was the best and it brings me great sadness that you can’t get it anymore. The little toast pieces were very cute as well.



Last but not least the most remembered and best soda of the 90’s was surge. If  you watch 90’s shows you can see some cans in the scenes it was so good and the best for a late night of gaming.

I noticed a trend that there were a lot of different types of gum aimed at children in the 90’s. Now I just see the standard bubblelicious, hubba bubba and the multi colored gumballs that will never go out of production. These are just my personal favorites if I’ve missed any that you would like to add just comment them below Britney and I as always love to get feedback from you guys. Thank you so much for reading my post.  🙂


90’s Fashion Trends

For Flashback Friday, I decided to go back and take a look at the fashion trends of the 90’s. I’ve noticed that we’ve been a little lacking in the “Girly” department of this blog so I wanted to balance it out some.


Some of the specific things I remember were the flat tops, bright neon colors, baggy pants, and grunge look. Here are some of the things I came across and decided to share.



Personally, did not wear them but they were really in for some reason. Haha.

Tying Sweaters/Jackets around the Waist


I think we’re all guilty of this one. I just think it was too convenient not too.

Cargo Pants


I loved these pants and still do! They were just too comfortable and too awesome with all their pockets. I have it in the back of my mind to track a pair down and buy them.



Good geezus, I hated these things. I remember my parents buying me the set with matching jacket and pants. They were so loud and being as shy as I was, it was drawing more attention to me than I ever wanted.

Wearing your Cap Backwards


This was huge. “Huge” being an understatement. No one wore their cap forward unless you were actually playing baseball or were uncool.

Wallets with Chains


These are still relatively popular, but not as much as they were back in the 90’s. You just weren’t nearly as cool or grunge if you didn’t have a chain hanging out from your wallet.

Reef Sandals


I think everyone and their mom and her mom had a pair of these. They were just too easy and convenient, like most fashion trends in the 90’s. Comfort was key!

Slap Bracelets


Fashion trend or toy? Both? 🙂 I say both. Kids never had so much fun slapping themselves.

Tagged Up Backpacks


If you mom knew any better, she’d buy you a black backpack. Why? Because everyone always ended up drawing or writing something on them!

These were just of the few I decided to post about, but there just a ton more. 🙂 Did you grow up in the 90’s? Was there something that you distinctly remember that I didn’t post? Do share!