Happy Video Games Day!



You may or may not know that today is Video Games Day!

This day is not to be confused with it’s counterpart held on Sept. 12th, National Video Games Day, even though it’s pretty much exactly the same thing.

That being said, you know that us girls at GnG will take advantage of whatever we can to post something about video games, even if it is an “unofficial” type day.

So we present everyone with each of our 10 favorite video games of all time!


Note: Our lists are not in any specific order.


  • Super Mario World
  • Metroid Fusion
  • Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  • Final Fantasy IX
  • Pokemon LeafGreen
  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Little Big Planet
  • Final Fantasy VII
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn


  • Harvest Moon DS
  • Fable
  • Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • Dungeon Siege
  • Zelda: Majora’s Mask
  • Fable II
  • Lego Harry Potter
  • Zelda: Ocarina of Time
  • Goldeneye 007
  • Zelda: Twlight Princess


  • Tomb Raider: Underworld
  • Saints Row
  • Army of Two
  • The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim
  • Super Mario 3
  • Guild Wars II
  • Battlefield 4
  • Dead Rising 3
  • The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition



Fitness Gear for Geeks

I just came back from a work out, and find myself thinking about that geeky tank top that I posted on my Geek Fitness blog. Remember that one? Jigglypuff?

Well, I discovered a website that has an enormous stock of geeky wear, some for fitness and some for everyday wear. They’re not all for women either, plenty of masculine geek wear!

I can’t tell you how many of these tank tops that I want, but I will tell you that I plan to buy at least 5 or so within the next month.


2329blk-w484h484z1-30227-im-leveling-up2329atg-w484h484z1-41767-i-work-out-so-i-can-take-revenge-on-house-lannister  2329lem-w484h484z1-38303-training-to-be-a-legend2329atg-w484h484z1-50136-sailor-scout-in-training-jupiter  2329ind-w484h484z1-31283-workin-off-my-lumps 2329lem-w484h484z1-25596-crash-aku-aku-mask2329blk-w484h484z1-27436-train-for-the-hunger-games   2329tricrn-w484h484z1-31026-train-like-youre-in-dumbledores-army 2408whiblk-w484h484z1-29283-workout-then-passout-snorlax2408blk-w484h484z1-22722-workin-my-puff-into-tuff2329whi-w484h484z1-29463-beast-mode 2329lem-w484h484z1-30460-today-is-leg-day-squat2408atg-w484h484z1-24899-you-worked-out 2408atg-w484h484z1-29108-metapod-got-a-hard-body 2408blk-w484h484z1-16775-beast-mode-x-men  2408neopnk-w484h484z1-29753-train-like-youve-just-been-asked-to-join-the-avengers


All these tanks and SO MUCH MORE are from:  http://www.lookhuman.com/

Also check out: http://www.activateapparel.com/

Both sites have a massive selection of geeky wear, and I can already hear my wallet sobbing.

Which one do y’all like? — Feel free to link your favorite in the comments if it’s not one the tanks above! 😀

– Britney


Geeky Tattoo’s

This is something that I was on the fence about in the past. I absolutely love my geekdom, but for a while I wasn’t really sure whether or not to get a tattoo to represent it. I do already have a tattoo, but it is a more of a representation of my passion for ancient culture.

Now, I had two issues with the geeky tattoo idea : (1) Maturity/professionalism and oddly enough,  (2) marriage.

1.) I really wondered whether or not I would lose respect from other people for having a geeky tattoo, particularly in the work force environment.

2.) Would I mind having this on me when I get married? This is mostly from a female perspective, I think.

These two things quickly dissolved from my mind after giving it some real thought. While I do want to be respected in my work life, I think that part of that is others accepting me for the geeky person I am. And as far as marriage goes.. Well, everyone attending and especially the future hubby better know what he’s getting himself into. I’m a geek. Period. I don’t foresee that ever changing!

My second issue then became: What do I get?

I’m pretty damn geeky. I love books, video games, anime, culture, arts & crafts, and nature. But what I really want is a video game tattoo. Now I’ve narrowed it down to just a million options, lol. I wanted something that showed the vastness of my video game love. I toyed with the idea of a controller, the NES logo, ect. But no, that just didn’t sit right with me. Then it hit me.

For those of you that do not know already, I completely and absolutely love the Final Fantasy series. I’ve played nearly every single one of them (Minus the PS3 versions because, well.. I don’t have a PS3), and I could sit and listen to their soundtracks for hours. The FF series is what inflamed my love for RPG’s as a whole. *Ahem* Thanks, FF! ^_^

So to skip all the rest of the mumbo-jumbo, I decided to get a Mog or Moogle tattooed on me! Here is my decision:


Cute, yeah? I love it. Moogles are a symbol of Final Fantasy, in my opinion. It’s going to be my next tattoo! And of course, I will post pictures when I get it.

So tell me, do you have a geeky tattoo or want to get one? If so, share your ideas and comments below! I’d love to see pictures!

Meanwhile, here are some other geeky tattoos that I’ve seen, liked, and wanted to share.