My Pets are my Children

I have a story to tell!

But first, I want to start off this post by telling you a little about my pets. Let me say right off the bat that I am a huge animal person. If I didn’t live in an apartment, I would literally try to own a zoo’s worth of pets. I’ve owned horses, goats, dogs, cats, lizards, birds, fish, hamsters, gerbils, rats, and the list goes on..

My current “children” include two and a half cats (Remember Loki? Yeah, he’s only half) and a dog. My first indoor cat that I adopted five years ago is my calico, Iris.


I really couldn’t live without this beautiful kitty. She is my world and she has been with me through the most trying times of my life thus far. She comes when I call her by name, she lays on my tummy and purrs when I have a stomach ache, she rubs and licks me to death if I’m crying. I love her.

Le’ second kitty is my chubby tuxedo. Her name is Luna. She is about 2 years old, and is the polar opposite of Iris. Yet, I still love her. I appreciate her affection more because it comes less often but is just as sweet.


Third is the half-kitty. Well, he’s more like a third of a kitty. That would be Loki, the tiny mischief maker I am looking after until I give him to my brother and his fiance.


And last but not least is the pup. Her name is Raven. She is a hound/shepherd mix, and the best mutt ever. She’s very smart and has made a wonderful apartment dog despite her size.


This all brings me to the story that I mentioned above.

This past weekend, I traveled out to my parents’ house to celebrate my brother’s birthday with my family. I prepared everything like I normally do before I leave. I cleaned the litter box, gave them plenty of food, made sure they had water.. Needless to say, Raven and the little Loki went with me. Anywho, everything was packed and ready to go. So.. I left.

The weekend was wonderfully relaxing. We had BBQ, shot the shit, and had a few drinks. Sunday was even more so because I took the first nap I’ve had in ages. I pretty much took my time and was in no particular rush to return to the city. (My parents live in the sticks. <3)

Still, I had to come back sometime. Skipping all the inbetween, I got home and headed up to unlock the door to my apartment. Now typically, Iris is the first one at the door meowing her head off happily that I am home.

But, no happy meowing. I went inside and I think I didn’t notice at first. Then as I set all my stuff down, I looked for my two kitties to say hello. Luna was easy to spot, but no Iris.

I called for her, but no reply. I looked for her, but couldn’t find her. I flew into immediate panic mode with eyes full of tears. I searched everywhere, but she wasn’t there!

Then a long night of pacing up and down our apartment complex ensued, calling for her. I could not stop the tears, and I am not the type to let ANYONE see me cry. But Iris is my baby. It was as if I had lost my own child.

When searching didn’t work, we made flyers. We put them up all over the complex and around the surrounding two blocks. Last night, I couldn’t stay inside. I kept going to balcony and calling for her like every ten minutes. I was distraught; extremely distraught. Tears were commonplace, and by then my eyes were so puffy and my nose so red.

We didn’t find her last night. I went to bed feeling very empty and upset, and woke up this morning feeling the same way. I was having one of two emotions. 1.) Extremely upset and crying. 2.) In complete disbelief.

I went outside a few times this morning and called for her, but nothing. I didn’t expect much. By then, I figured that someone had to have taken her in. She’s pretty and friendly. Why not? Still, I’m not sure which is worse: Someone taking her in and never returning her, or her running loose on the streets.

So I came back inside, cleaned up, and took trash out. While I was outside, I called a couple times but didn’t expect much. I walked over to the dumpster and tossed the trash in and just as I turned to head back inside, I SAW HER!!! She was running up the side of the building toward me! She came back!

I’m such a tough cookie, but I burst into tears when I called her name and she meowed back.

I couldn’t be happier or more thankful this morning to have her back. My pets are my children. They are everything to me, and I would do anything for them.

* Anyone have a similar story to share? Or even pictures of your “children”? I would love to hear and see them, so please feel free.


Lovely surprises


This is a post to fill out the blog for now but one I am very happy to share. That sweet girl in the picture is my cat Pan, but her full name is Pantalaimon and I named her that because when we got her I was in the middle of reading the His Dark Materials Trilogy and in the books Pan often takes the form of a white ermine which is what I thought she looked like. She doesn’t seem like any name other than Pan would suit her. She is also the very first pet that I feel is truly mine. Growing up I had lots of pets with my family but she is the only one I’ve ever felt like she is mine.

Now to tell how we got her one afternoon back in 2008 I was a senior in high school and I had just gotten home when my boyfriend and I heard a cry outside. We were very worried that it was a stray trying to attack the family cat Aja, but much to our surprise when we opened the door we saw a white kitten no more than a month old on our back porch all alone. She got frightened and went through one of the holes in the chain link fence (she was that small!). So I crept up really slow and talked as sweet as I could to her and lured her with a piece of ham. There was no telling how long she had gone without eating and it was so odd that a kitten her size had made her way all the way to the back porch and was alone. She sniffed very cautiously and took it from me biting my finger in the process. I’ve had ever since it’s like she was placed in my life 🙂



Now on to this little guy his name is Butters. Yes from South Park. It’s mainly because of his butterscotch color :). He was playing with some leaves in a gutter across from my boyfriend’s family’s house on Thanksgiving either 2009 or 2010. My boyfriend and I and all of his cousins were all outside some sitting, talking, playing in the yard when we spotted this beautiful kitten. My boyfriend’s younger cousin scooped him up for me. It was rather cold and he was small so I stuck him in my jacket and for about 4 hours he stayed put looking up at me with those pale green eyes. We took him home and let him roam around the house. Later that night I was alone in the living room lying on the couch watching tv and he jumped up got on my chest and outstretched his paw and fell asleep. Right there he had me.
(she was yawning she’s friendly I promise)

Cute Furry Excuse

I know this blog is fairly new. It definitely needs more filling. And just as I was about to really dive full length into doing just that, I received this..


This is Loki. A neighbor asked me to take him in because he was only about 3 1/2 – 4 weeks old and still needed bottle feeding. This little mischief maker is the reason why I haven’t had the majority of my free time to myself.

Because.. While cats are well known for the independence, they don’t necessarily start out that way. He loves to be near or one people, preferably on their chest or neck. Lol.

PS: I know my hand looks like I was stung by a dozen bees, but it’s not swollen or anything. He’s just a tiny little shit!

I will posting more as soon as I can!  🙂