Make-Up Favorites

For today’s post I wanted to put together all of my favorite products. Britney and I usually do eye makeup tutorials but don’t really show what we use on a daily basis. I work full time in an office and I have to look appropriate and I’m not a morning person at all so I like an easy routine for my daily work makeup so everything I’m showing you is work friendly and really great products I highly recommend.

1.L’oreal Magic Beautifier BB Cream in Light


This is my favorite BB cream and since I have fair skin I use the light. I’ve tried other BB creams like the Stila HD beauty balm and one by smashbox but I wasn’t very impressed and was irritated because they were very expensive. This one goes on white and as you rub it in to your skin it changes to skin tone. I use this everyday I have combination oily/dry skin and on my dry spots this is great for flaky skin it feels as though it’s also exfoliating when you put it on. The only complaint I have is that it comes in such a small tube but it’s very good for the price.

2.Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow in Petal


I love this foundation! I was using Mac face and body I can’t remember the shade of it but I need something with a little more coverage and this is perfect. It goes on so smooth and stays put all day long. I usually have shine peek through half way through the day had much less after using this foundation. I’m not saying that will happen for everyone but it works very well for me. It is pricy but I feel worth it. Overall very good quality.

3.Mac Creamblend Blush in So Sweet So Easy


If you’re looking for that perfect dolly pink blush this is it. Most blush that I have tried either has too much of a red tone or it’s too baby pink that it doesn’t show up very well but this is wonderful on my skin.

4.Mac Studio Finish Concealer in NW20


My go to concealer everyday it has really great coverage.

5.Hard Candy Lite Bright Whipped Brightening Concealer in Medium


This is perfect for dark circles under eyes and just brightening up your face for a fresh faced look.

6.Benefit High Beam


Best illuminating highlighter I’ve tried. For a while I didn’t like liquid highlighters because I felt it smudged my makeup underneath when applying it but this doesn’t. It goes on perfectly a creates a beautiful glow.

7.Benefit Hoola Bronzer


I use this for contouring my face I like that it’s matte so you don’t have added shimmer where you don’t want it. It’s very universal and works well with my fair skin.

8.Elf Brow Kit in Medium


I use this kit everyday it’s lasted me a long time and is a very good product and is so cheap. It comes with a good little brush I mainly just use the gel when I’m in a hurry but the powder is very nice too.

9.Nyx Wonder Pencil


If you’ve seen any of my tutorials you know I use this on my lower water line. It looks more natural as opposed to using a white eyeliner. It makes your eyes look wide and bright and you look well rested.

10.Urban Decay Naked Basics Palette


This is so great for work because it looks so natural. I had been looking for good matte eyeshadows and was so happy when Urban Decay came out with this palette. You can create so many looks with it like a bright eyed day look to a night smokey eye.

11.Maybelline Eyestudio Gel Liner in Blackest Black


My first experience with gel liner. I used to only use liquid but I always have a cat eye and have heard that gel is the best for it. I didn’t care for the brush it came with it’s a little too big to create thin lines but the gel is very good and perfect color black.

12.Maybelline Falsies Mascara


I love how long and full my lashes look with this mascara and it’s fairly cheap. My only complaint is that it dries out rather quickly.

13.Mac Lipstick in Peach Blossom


Last is lipstick. This wasn’t the shade I was expecting I had bought it online but I really love it. The feel of it is nice and the color is a pretty nude rose color.

Well those are my favorite products at the moment thank you as always for reading 🙂



Bottom Eye Winged Liner (Tutorial)

So I do this weird thing where I only use eye-liner on the bottom of my eye.


I noticed early on that I have heavy eyelids, which essentially means that when my eyes are open, you can’t see my eyeshadow or eyeliner as well as you can on others. That’s reason #1.

Reason #2: I work in a casual-professional environment that can also be considered more conservative than most. A bank. This means that I don’t want to be overly dramatic with my make-up which can happen when you line the top and bottom of your eyes. Especially if you have lighter colored eyes like I do.

On rare occasions, I’ll do this, but for the most part I stick to the bottom lining.

These are the tools of the trade.


I recently picked up Rocket Volume by Maybelline from Walmart and I’ve been relatively pleased with it. The only complain is that it doesn’t say waterproof, but it takes a little more work to get it off. The other is my all time favorite eyeliner: Double-Wear Liquid from Estee Lauder. This stuff is amazing. It’s goes on easy, dries fast, and stays put. It’s pretty perfect. I’ve even had it stay on overnight.

Step 1


Use the tip of your eyeliner and very lightly line the bottom of your eye. The easiest way to do this without messing up too often is to do small lines one at a time until you have a full line. Dragging the liner straight across often doesn’t work out too well.

Step 2


Follow the natural curve of your eye around until you pass the edge of it. As you reach the end, lift the tip so that it make a fine point instead of a blunt end. You can go farther than what I’ve done or you can stop short of it. This all depends on how dramatic you really want to be.

Step 3


Draw a line from the edge of your eye toward the point that you’ve created. This is part one and filling out the wing.

Step 4


Lightly use the tip to draw a curving line a couple centimeters on top the top of your eye  toward the point of the wing. This will give the illusion of connecting to the top liner without the top liner actually being there.

Step 5


Apply mascara!


This is how it will look in the end.

I find that it gives my eyes enough emphasis without going overboard. And it’s a lot quicker to do it and go instead of doing your whole eye. Or maybe I’m just lazy? Haha, either way, I love it!

– Britney