Fitness Gear for Geeks

I just came back from a work out, and find myself thinking about that geeky tank top that I posted on my Geek Fitness blog. Remember that one? Jigglypuff?

Well, I discovered a website that has an enormous stock of geeky wear, some for fitness and some for everyday wear. They’re not all for women either, plenty of masculine geek wear!

I can’t tell you how many of these tank tops that I want, but I will tell you that I plan to buy at least 5 or so within the next month.


2329blk-w484h484z1-30227-im-leveling-up2329atg-w484h484z1-41767-i-work-out-so-i-can-take-revenge-on-house-lannister  2329lem-w484h484z1-38303-training-to-be-a-legend2329atg-w484h484z1-50136-sailor-scout-in-training-jupiter  2329ind-w484h484z1-31283-workin-off-my-lumps 2329lem-w484h484z1-25596-crash-aku-aku-mask2329blk-w484h484z1-27436-train-for-the-hunger-games   2329tricrn-w484h484z1-31026-train-like-youre-in-dumbledores-army 2408whiblk-w484h484z1-29283-workout-then-passout-snorlax2408blk-w484h484z1-22722-workin-my-puff-into-tuff2329whi-w484h484z1-29463-beast-mode 2329lem-w484h484z1-30460-today-is-leg-day-squat2408atg-w484h484z1-24899-you-worked-out 2408atg-w484h484z1-29108-metapod-got-a-hard-body 2408blk-w484h484z1-16775-beast-mode-x-men  2408neopnk-w484h484z1-29753-train-like-youve-just-been-asked-to-join-the-avengers


All these tanks and SO MUCH MORE are from:

Also check out:

Both sites have a massive selection of geeky wear, and I can already hear my wallet sobbing.

Which one do y’all like? — Feel free to link your favorite in the comments if it’s not one the tanks above! 😀

– Britney


Fancy or Four Eyes?

Don’t let my photo’s fool you. I should be wearing glasses. <Gasp!> The only reason you don’t see me sporting a pair is due to my lack of insurance. It’s been years Literally, years. I think the last pair of legitimate glasses I wore was during my sophomore year of high school. Shame, shame, right?

Now I do have plans on getting glasses very soon so don’t be too upset with me. I have a nice job that pays well and covers vision! But what I would like to mull over is the history of popularity regarding glasses.

Back in my day.. Haha, just kidding. ~.^

It actually wasn’t too long ago when glasses weren’t something to be proud of. I started wearing glasses at about the age of ten. They were geeky, dorky, and generally not something kids liked. Anyone with glasses that grew up in the 80’s and 90’s can tell you that we (wearers of glasses) were made fun of constantly. “Four eyes!”, “Geek!”, “Dweeb!”, and such were the most popular of the jabs. Even so, I wasn’t ever really bothered by them. I liked my glasses. If it made people assume that I was smart then hey, who am I to complain?

Fast forward to now-a-days. Glasses have become an accessory! I really didn’t even know that the glasses sitting inside accessory stores were prescription-less until I tried them on for fun. They don’t even magnify! They’re just plastic. Now I will admit that I am guilty of buying a pair, but I really just wanted the frames. Ever consider using those frames as a cheap alternative than buying them at the optometrist?

So I have mixed feelings about the current glasses trend. I am very glad that it means that people won’t look at me as being socially inept, but at the same time it’s redundant for people to wear them when they don’t need them. They’re a functional device for correcting vision, yes? I guess I just liked when having them meant you needed them, and that sort of separated you from your peers. After all, kids would beg for contacts instead of glasses so that they didn’t look like a dweeb! Then no one would know that they needed <gasp!> glasses.

So what do you think about this new trend? Good, bad, ugly? Hopefully not ugly, because I’ll be getting some soon!