GnG is Retiring?! Pt.1

Hello, hello.

Long time no see! We know, shame on us.

I just wanted to reach out to all of our followers to let everyone know that Geeky ‘n Girly will be retiring here within the next few months. Kelly and I have decided after much thought that we’d like to branch out on our own! So technically, we’re not really leaving the blogosphere! (Don’t be sad! Or mad!)

I have only just recently set up a new blog for myself and I would abso-freaking-lutely love it if everyone who enjoyed Geeky ‘n Girly would continue to follow me on my new blog! It’s called One-Sixth Geek, and is currently hosted via, but will be moving to my own domain sometime this year.

So please, clicky click and subscribe because I would hate to lose touch with some of the nicest coolest people I’ve met in the blogging world!

Much love and see everyone on One-Sixth Geek!


– Britney

5 Really Good Reasons Why It’s Fine For Women To Be Underrepresented In Video Games

5 Really Good Reasons Why It’s Fine For Women To Be Underrepresented In Video Games

Ok, when I first read the title for this article I immediately geared up to be flaming pissed off by the end of it. As I read through it, the room was getting hot and the walls closing in. I was starting to see red. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! It wasn’t until a couple statements way too unrealistic to even be written that I realized that it was satirical. Oh, and to be noted as a tag at the end as well.

Haha, very funny. But really, after our last blog about female bullying in geekdom it sort of fit the bill. It’s a good representation of the bias against women in a lot of geeky realms. Why? The bias is just plain ridiculous! I’m seriously awaiting the day that geeky men realize that women are in the realm of geekdom, have been in it, and will continue to exist in it whether they like it or not.

And hey, shouldn’t they be damn happy that they have all these fine ladies enjoying the same things they do? The same type of ladies that would be willing to accept that their guy might want to chill at home one night to play a video game than go out and party it up. Mhm. Better just accept it and be grateful, my dear geeky men.


– Britney


Prejudice in Geekdom


“I’ve been a fan before anyone even knew what/who  _____ was. I’ve been listening to, playing it, doing it longer than you have. So you’re not a true fan because you only starting liking it after it got popular!”

Has anyone else heard or read this before? Yeah, thought so.

We are so quick to judge other people, to categorize them, to stomp on their delicate budding intrigue before it has a chance to bloom. Why? Because we don’t think they deserve to be interested.

Too many times I hear that if you haven’t been fan since the beginning, then you’re not really a fan. If you haven’t been reading the books, playing the games, listening to the music since the origin of time then you’re not qualified to be a true fan of said subject. I’m calling it.. Bullshit! Loads of it, in fact.

“Oh, you’re a Mario fan because you occasionally play Mario on the Wii? Pfft, then you’re not a real fan. I’ve been playing Mario since the original on NES. “ It’s as if that simple fact makes them more of a fan than the person who occasionally plays newer Mario’s? No, it doesn’t! Just because that person does not know as much or hasn’t played as many games, does not mean that they don’t enjoy Mario just as much as the old school gamers do!

It’s that thought process that causes long time fans to bully the newer or more casual fans, and sometimes it bullies them right out of being fans. Shame on them! Seriously. They want to isolate themselves with the others they deem worthy when all they’re truly doing is shutting people off from enjoying, liking, even loving the subjects they love. And why wouldn’t they want others to love the things that they love? That means having more people to talk to it about, more people to relate to, more people to fuel purchasing around that subject.

Mull it over with me.. The more popular a subject is, the more profitable, and the more you see it. You see more of that product, more of its merchandise, and more things similar to it.

I.E.: Star Wars – Do you really think that if Star Wars hadn’t gotten the ever evolving and constantly growing fandom that it’s had and has that they would still be producing Star Wars movies? NO. They wouldn’t.  It’s thanks to old and new fans that you will continue to see Star Wars movies, t-shirts, video games, ect.

What is my advice to those that continue to look down on the new or casual fans? Quit it. Not only are you bullying people, but you’re doing a disservice to yourself and an injustice to your passions. You should be relating to these new and casual fans; encouraging them even. If not for their involvement in your interests, you may see less and less of the things you love.

Instead of glaring at the girl who wears the Pikachu shirt simply for the fact that she thinks it’s cute, you should compliment her on having an awesome shirt. Who cares if she didn’t/doesn’t really play Pokemon? Who cares as to what level of extremity her interest in Pokemon is? She is a fan. You are a fan. It’s time to accept that simply as it is.

Of course, this doesn’t just apply to the subjects that are considered geeky like video games and books. Simply put: Someone isn’t more deserving of being a fan than someone else!

Just because I didn’t read the Harry Potter books as they were being released from the beginning doesn’t mean that I don’t love them as much as the people that did. It took me years to finally pick up the series. Why can’t a fan be a new fan?

Just because I don’t play video games every day doesn’t mean that I’m not a gamer girl. I love video games. Always have, always will. Why can’t a fan be a casual fan?

Just because I can’t explain to you the founding of the FC Barcelona team and I don’t watch each and every game doesn’t mean that I’m not a FCB fan! Why can’t a fan be both casual and new?

I think it’s due time that we as geeks stop categorizing fandom and just be a fan who respects other fans. Sure, I might be 100% more obsessed with Final Fantasy than the young guy who’s only played the newest game, but we are both fans. And hey, I’m down with that!


PS: Part 2 coming soon!


~ Britney



Anime Music

Everytime you watch an anime at the beginning there is an opening theme and a closing theme at the end and there’s the instrumentals usually recurring ones that occur throughout the series during battle scenes or during dramatic moments. I’ve come across some pretty great ones and this one is my favorite. It’s so emotional and fills you with such pride and makes you want to bawl at the same time. Enjoy and if you have any favorite songs please share with us we would love to hear them 🙂 -Kelly

Manga Love

I haven’t done a post on manga yet so I thought I should. There is a wide variety of different types of manga to suit everyone’s taste but personally I prefer shoujo. I love shounen anime but I haven’t read any manga in that category. I did start Gintama which I love but didn’t have the time but now I’m reading so many shoujo ones I really don’t have the time lol. This is just a list of some of my favorites if you have a correlating love for these mangas let me know! I would love to discuss them.


1. Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

I love this manga for so many reasons it’s one of my absolute favorites. At first I wasn’t so sure I would like it but I was instantly hooked. Then I found out there was an anime of it too! There is only one season but I’ve heard talks of a second and that would be so great.
Ayuzawa Misaki is a wonderful lead in this she’s strong willed and passionate that’s one of the main reasons I love this manga so much. Usui Takumi is the male lead and he is equally wonderful. Sadly it will be ending very soon but it’s had a great run. It has it’s funny moments and hilarious side characters as well as it’s serious tear jerking moments. If you have thought about reading this manga and have any doubts I promise you won’t be disappointed by it.


2. Vampire Knight

This was the very first manga I read! It’s so good and you get so into the character relationships and get attached to them. I really felt pain for Zero and all he’s gone through you really just want to console him. In my opinion Yuki starts out really weak and always needs to be saved but she gets stronger as the manga progresses. This one will always hold a special place and I like that it has some pretty epic battle scenes.


3. Say I love you

I read the manga first then watched the anime a lot was changed in the anime but it’s like that with all of them. I really like the art in this manga. The way the characters are drawn can affect the entire mood of the story and willingness to read it. I haven’t come across many art styles like this but it’s very nice. Kurosawa Yamato is so cute and so is Takemura Kai. Tachibana Mei is one of my favorite female characters ever (aside from Hinata from Naruto she’s my number 1). She reminds me of me when I was younger and it’s beautiful to see her character progress as she makes more friends and lets her guard down.


4. Watashi ni xx shinasai

I love love this one! It gives me little butterflies when I read it and I also like the art in this one. I can’t wait for more updates! It’s definitely got it’s dramatic points and times you can’t decide which side your on and it just keeps you wanting more. Yukina makes you want to scream at her every now and then but overall it’s a great read and I love it.Well those are my favorites at the moment. What are your favorite mangas we would love to know and are open to discussions just comment below!

– Kelly