GnG is Retiring?! Pt.1

Hello, hello.

Long time no see! We know, shame on us.

I just wanted to reach out to all of our followers to let everyone know that Geeky ‘n Girly will be retiring here within the next few months. Kelly and I have decided after much thought that we’d like to branch out on our own! So technically, we’re not really leaving the blogosphere! (Don’t be sad! Or mad!)

I have only just recently set up a new blog for myself and I would abso-freaking-lutely love it if everyone who enjoyed Geeky ‘n Girly would continue to follow me on my new blog! It’s called One-Sixth Geek, and is currently hosted via, but will be moving to my own domain sometime this year.

So please, clicky click and subscribe because I would hate to lose touch with some of the nicest coolest people I’ve met in the blogging world!

Much love and see everyone on One-Sixth Geek!


– Britney

Bang Twist Tutorial

Another favorite thing of mine is the bang twist! I often have bangs, whether blunt or side-sweep so they do get aggravating at times. This crazy simple twist gets them out of your face and in such a cute way. Not to mention, it’s an easy alternative for those who haven’t figured out how to braid their own hair.

*Ahem* Me.

So here are a few pictures of my bangs twisted, and then I’m going to post the video of the tutorial where I got the idea from. She shows you quite clearly how it’s done, and all the credit goes to BabesinHairland @ Youtube!





And here is the video! Enjoy!

– Britney


Bottom Eye Winged Liner (Tutorial)

So I do this weird thing where I only use eye-liner on the bottom of my eye.


I noticed early on that I have heavy eyelids, which essentially means that when my eyes are open, you can’t see my eyeshadow or eyeliner as well as you can on others. That’s reason #1.

Reason #2: I work in a casual-professional environment that can also be considered more conservative than most. A bank. This means that I don’t want to be overly dramatic with my make-up which can happen when you line the top and bottom of your eyes. Especially if you have lighter colored eyes like I do.

On rare occasions, I’ll do this, but for the most part I stick to the bottom lining.

These are the tools of the trade.


I recently picked up Rocket Volume by Maybelline from Walmart and I’ve been relatively pleased with it. The only complain is that it doesn’t say waterproof, but it takes a little more work to get it off. The other is my all time favorite eyeliner: Double-Wear Liquid from Estee Lauder. This stuff is amazing. It’s goes on easy, dries fast, and stays put. It’s pretty perfect. I’ve even had it stay on overnight.

Step 1


Use the tip of your eyeliner and very lightly line the bottom of your eye. The easiest way to do this without messing up too often is to do small lines one at a time until you have a full line. Dragging the liner straight across often doesn’t work out too well.

Step 2


Follow the natural curve of your eye around until you pass the edge of it. As you reach the end, lift the tip so that it make a fine point instead of a blunt end. You can go farther than what I’ve done or you can stop short of it. This all depends on how dramatic you really want to be.

Step 3


Draw a line from the edge of your eye toward the point that you’ve created. This is part one and filling out the wing.

Step 4


Lightly use the tip to draw a curving line a couple centimeters on top the top of your eye  toward the point of the wing. This will give the illusion of connecting to the top liner without the top liner actually being there.

Step 5


Apply mascara!


This is how it will look in the end.

I find that it gives my eyes enough emphasis without going overboard. And it’s a lot quicker to do it and go instead of doing your whole eye. Or maybe I’m just lazy? Haha, either way, I love it!

– Britney


DIY Slouch Beanie


I have many hobbies but one of my favorites is to crochet. YouTube has taught me everything I know. Now on to this beanie!


I have scoured the internet searching for the perfect slouch beanie tutorial and I’ve finally found it! I love beanies so much and they are so effortless to wear. I think they’re great no matter the weather or season. You could pair one with a scarf and sweater for fall but I also think they look great with an oversized top and some cutoffs for a breezy summer day. They’re also great for hiding your hair on those not so polished days.

This is the video tutorial I followed her instructions are very easy to understand and she shows in detail every step. This is not me nor do I own the video I just wanted to share because it helped me a lot and it may do the same for you. If you have any questions please just comment below 🙂 -Kelly