For the Love of Language



My recent research in college education has led me, as it has many times, to my one of my biggest passions: Language. Throughout my K-12 years I bounced around with what I wanted to study due to the fact that I have many interests. East Asian studies, art, veterinary medicine, animal behaviorism, graphic design, and English have made up the main bunch.

Even so, I always seem to make a loop and end up at the same conclusion. I love language; particularly English.

Language is what sets us apart. It is a fundamental aspect of our lives. We speak, write, and read language. It is what allows us to express ourselves in the most profound ways. It is interesting how many people might say, “Well, yeah,” as if that’s just a fact of life and there is nothing fascinating or extraordinary about language. Yet when you give it thought, imagine what language means to us.

One facet of language presents to us an escape from our lives by letting us delving into created worlds. That is reading.

My relationship with reading began well enough. I was fascinated by stories, but as a child it was visually appealing. Who didn’t love those picture storybooks?

Late elementary into middle school introduced an entirely new type of reading. No more pictures? I have to use my imagination? As a kid that grew up on Disney movies and vibrant picture storybooks, this was not how I wanted it to go. So, I decided that reading and I didn’t suit each other. Silly me.

It wasn’t until late middle school when I was roaming idly around the library that the spine of a book caught my eye. It depicted a horse, and I’ve always loved horses. As I looked at it, I read the title, “Wild Magic”. Horses, wild, and magic? What was this enticing sorcery? I checked out the book that day and was hooked.

Tamora Pierce’s Wild Magic kindled my love for reading. This was the kind of reading that provided that wonderful escape from reality; the type that grips your mind and heart.

Mark Edmundson (The Ideal English Major) described it so well:

“There are people who read to anesthetize themselves—they read to induce a vivid, continuous, and risk-free daydream. They read for the same reason that people grab a glass of chardonnay—to put a light buzz on. The English major reads because, as rich as the one life he has may be, one life is not enough. He reads not to see the world through the eyes of other people but effectively to become other people.”

“Real reading is reincarnation. There is no other way to put it. It is being born again into a higher form of consciousness than we ourselves possess.”

It was through these kinds of experiences that I developed a love for language and so a love for writing. After all, the three facets of language are all interlinked.

It’s why I am writing to all of you right now, and why I plan to pursue a degree in English.

I completely geek out over language!

It’s a dream of mine to have a career where I can indulge in my passion for language (reading, writing, speaking), and to reach others through my work. I’d like to publish at least one book if not more, and I will forever to encourage others to love language.

Here are some of my favorite books/series that I recommend:

The Sevenwaters TrilogyJuliet Marillier

Heart’s BloodJuliet Marillier

The Maze Runner trilogyJames Dashner

The Immortals quartetTamora Pierce

Dragonriders of PernAnne McCaffrey





Fitness Gear for Geeks

I just came back from a work out, and find myself thinking about that geeky tank top that I posted on my Geek Fitness blog. Remember that one? Jigglypuff?

Well, I discovered a website that has an enormous stock of geeky wear, some for fitness and some for everyday wear. They’re not all for women either, plenty of masculine geek wear!

I can’t tell you how many of these tank tops that I want, but I will tell you that I plan to buy at least 5 or so within the next month.


2329blk-w484h484z1-30227-im-leveling-up2329atg-w484h484z1-41767-i-work-out-so-i-can-take-revenge-on-house-lannister  2329lem-w484h484z1-38303-training-to-be-a-legend2329atg-w484h484z1-50136-sailor-scout-in-training-jupiter  2329ind-w484h484z1-31283-workin-off-my-lumps 2329lem-w484h484z1-25596-crash-aku-aku-mask2329blk-w484h484z1-27436-train-for-the-hunger-games   2329tricrn-w484h484z1-31026-train-like-youre-in-dumbledores-army 2408whiblk-w484h484z1-29283-workout-then-passout-snorlax2408blk-w484h484z1-22722-workin-my-puff-into-tuff2329whi-w484h484z1-29463-beast-mode 2329lem-w484h484z1-30460-today-is-leg-day-squat2408atg-w484h484z1-24899-you-worked-out 2408atg-w484h484z1-29108-metapod-got-a-hard-body 2408blk-w484h484z1-16775-beast-mode-x-men  2408neopnk-w484h484z1-29753-train-like-youve-just-been-asked-to-join-the-avengers


All these tanks and SO MUCH MORE are from:

Also check out:

Both sites have a massive selection of geeky wear, and I can already hear my wallet sobbing.

Which one do y’all like? — Feel free to link your favorite in the comments if it’s not one the tanks above! 😀

– Britney


Lost in Wonderland

I had the privilege of getting to collaborate with my boyfriend’s beautiful and wonderful cousin Paige. She does such good work and I am so happy to have been photographed by her and her blog is wonderful as well it’s paigelyse.blogspot please give her blog a look.

I have always loved Alice. Ariel is my favorite princess but Alice isn’t a princess. She’s like me and you just trying to escape the everyday.



















My Alice sweater is from Forever 21 and so is the spike headband. My big green glitzy ring is from sorrelli and the other is a charm I got from hobby lobby. If you would like to see a makeup tutorial for this just let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this and as always thank you so much for supporting Britney and I 🙂 -Kelly

Childhood T.V. Geeks of the 90’s

Any 90’s kid will tell you everything was better when we were growing up especially the television shows. So for today’s Flashback Friday post I’m listing 10 of my favorite TV geeks in no particular order of the 90’s and if you’re anything like me by the end you will be wishing you were back on your living room floor drinking a can of surge watching all of these great shows.


10. Dexter of Dexter’s Laboratory 1996

I absolutely loved this show and of course the character Dexter. He made you want to have your own secret laboratory and do all sorts of crazy experiments. He had very tight security over the laboratory but somehow Dee Dee always managed to find her way inside and wreak havoc.

“Omelette du fromage”


9. Phoebe of Hey Arnold 1996

Phoebe is the best friend of Helga Pataki in the show she is just like any other geeky/nerdy girl always having to be right and first hand to shoot up in the air.

“Coming Helga!”

Ginger 2

8.  Ginger Foutley, Dodie Bishop, and Macie Lightfoot of As Told by Ginger 2000

This is a three for one and technically it aired in 2000 but I’m still going to count it. These girls were basically just like my friends and I when we were younger and I’m sure a lot of other girls can relate. It’s the classic story of geeks trying to make it.

“And if time teaches us anything in this crazy world it’s that nothing worth having ever comes easy.”

Smart guy

7. T.J. Henderson of Smart guy 1997

T.J. is a kid genius he goes to high school along with his older brother Marcus and sister Yvette. My favorite thing about this show were the exchanges with T.J. and Mo. It was filled with many morality type stories from what I remember and it was over all very good and even though T.J. was so incredibly smart he was still very much a kid in many aspects.

“I’ll try to be more sensitive to the fact that you’re dumber than me.”


6. Filburt of Rocko’s Modern Life 1993

Filburt is the epitome of stereotypical nerds. He’s always nervous introverted and has many fears. He manages to let go of it all in one episode though where he reaches puberty. He also gets into many hijinks with Rocko and Hefer.

“I’m nauseous.”


5. Gretchen of Recess 1997

Gretchen is very intelligent and unlike some nerds that are depicted she has many friends. They’re always supporting each other in all that they do. Every time some plot comes along for the troupe she is of course the brains of the operation.

“A-?! My life is flashing before my eyes!”


4. Velma of Scooby Doo 1969

Although Scooby Doo aired well before the 90’s I grew up watching it and I’m sure you all did as well. Velma always seemed a bit downplayed by the always shining Daphne but her character, smarts and charm make me like her most 🙂



3. Sam aka The Squid of Rocket Power 1999

In every group of kids there’s the brain like some that I’ve already listed and Sam is definitely one of them. His character grows with him and as the show goes on he becomes more and more brave and athletic like the rest.

“They got sand in the potato salad!”

Lisa 2

2. Lisa of The Simpsons 1989

I couldn’t do this list without the most known nerd girl of them all Lisa Simpson. She loves to read and play her sax. Always the overachiever in everything she does. She’s simply brilliant and this world could do with more girls like her.

“Mom, romance is dead. It was acquired in a hostile takeover by Hallmark and Disney, homogenized, and sold off piece by piece.”


1. Stuart Minkus of Boy Meets World 1993

And last but not least Minkus. Though he was only on the show for a little while he was one of my favorite characters with his witty quips and he was overall just very funny.

“Why should I help you? You made fun of Mr. Feeny and said he gets paid too much.”


In the times we’re living in where it’s cool to be stupid I like to think there are still kids just like these characters. Even though they are scripted and fictional they speak to me. We need shows like this again for the generations to come. They taught me about being a friend and not being afraid to be who I am. Even though I’ve failed at that many times I like to look back at these shows and remember these characters and all that they taught me. If I’ve left out any of your favorites just let me know in the comments below thank you so much for reading 🙂