Perler Bead Fever

So the blog has been pretty inactive lately. The girls and I have been busy with different things and we do apologize.

Actually, I went on vacation for a week. Three of those days were spent down at the Gulf Coast on the beach, in the sun.. Man I wish I could go back right now, haha. Another two days were filled with doing errands, some of which were in regard to my brother’s wedding. I’m a bridesmaid. And the rest of the days? Well, I reactivated my Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn subscription and played that for hours straight like a bum. A happy bum, but a bum.

Now on to the point of this post.  😉  I was recently introduced to perler beads and now I just can’t stop. I’ve always had an interest in perler beads and I’ve spotted a few geeky perler sprites in video game stores in the past. So as soon as I got my hands on some beads of my own, the fever hit me like a ton of bricks.

The perler bead fever, of course. The last few days I have been learning about the beads and practicing making my own sprites. There I was thinking that perler beads would be a walk in the park. I mean, it’s no jigsaw puzzle, but it can be challenging at times. You really have to get a feel for the melding bit of it too. Honestly, I think I finally have the technique down pretty well. And yes, there is a technique.


So this is the part where I let everyone now that I’ve finally caved in and opened up an online shop at Etsy. For those of you that don’t know, Etsy is a crafter’s version of Ebay. Put simply, it’s the bomb-diggity.

For now I’m only selling the perler bead sprites, but I will be soon turning them into magnets, hair clips, necklaces, keychains, earrings, ect. Oh, it’s about to go down.

I only have a few perler sprites shown in the shop, but I take custom orders! So go custom order!

Here is my shop: The Krafty Kupo

I’ll post a few pictures of sprites I’ve done below, but don’t be surprised if they are the same ones listed on my shop. — Remember, custom orders!



WP_20140802_003 WP_20140802_023 WP_20140802_027 WP_20140803_003



A Geek on Mars

When you live in an area devoid of everything you like and are interested in it makes you feel like a martian. Or at least I do anyway. I live in a very small town in the south where you have to drive at least an hour in any direction to get to a bigger city to do any sort of shopping or have any form of entertainment. I am no where near a city that has comic con or any sort of convention for that matter so I feel like I’m alone in my fandoms, I don’t have people to share these things with. Except for all of you of course and that’s what brought me to think about this topic. If you live in a rural area how do you stay connected to all of your favorite geeky things? For me the main things being anime and manga. It all comes from one source and that is my internet connection. Where oh where would I be without it. I need it to read manga I also need it for my streaming apps netflix and hulu to watch all of my favorite shows. Without it I would not be able to connect with any of you either. I find myself doing the same things over and over. Watch the show. Get to the checkpoint. It all becomes a bit repetitive. What are we to do without these things though? That’s where my hobbies come in. As geeks we think differently and are so very creative and in the midst of technology I think a lot of that gets lost. I wanted to share my hobbies with you guys because at times I wasn’t sure what to do with myself and it’s nice to have an outlet to channel my creativity with my own geeky spin on things.


Drawing is my primary hobby. I love it because I can draw all of my favorite characters from the shows I watch. After drawing I always have such a profound respect for the artists that create and give life to these characters I’ve grown to care for so much. The subtleties that you may not have noticed before like the intricacies of their clothing. I don’t get to go to cosplay events or anime conventions but I feel connected  when I draw and it opens me up to a community online of others that also draw and love these characters just as much as I do. I don’t get to connect in person but in this way I’m still able to.  (These are both my drawings ^-^ I’m quite proud of them)


My favorite colored pencils are prismacolor they blend out so well and glide effortlessly while giving you brilliant color. For markers I use both copic and prismacolor. I don’t have a preference with markers both brands work very well. For inking my drawings I do prefer pigma sensei because of the very fine tips you are able to get and it makes doing things like hair and detail work much easier than using a bolder marker with a light hand.


My other hobby is crochet. I stumbled upon amigurumi dolls a few years back and thought they were the cutest things I had ever seen. I made this little guy for my dad for fathers day 2 years ago. I have also made a Sakura doll from Naruto and I am currently working on making Shikamaru. I like this hobby a lot because any character or geeky item that I like if I have yarn I can make it. I don’t have to travel anywhere or go out of my way to buy plushies I can just make them. I didn’t have anyone teach me I decided I wanted to learn how so I looked up videos on youtube and it taught me everything I know. Youtube is a very useful tool. I also watch drawing tutorials in hopes of bettering myself. Mark Crilley has excellent videos if you want to improve upon your anime drawings.

I don’t have a preference when it comes to crochet hooks mine are all boye brand but I think any would work just fine. My favorite yarn is called I Love This Yarn. Nice marketing lol but really it is very good quality yarn and is always very soft. The times I’ve made beanies with it they’re never itchy. For making amigurumi I do prefer a stiffer yarn and for that I like Red Heart. I like this very much because you can get it in bulk for quite cheap. Below is Ollie the octopus I made him well on a whim and I think he turned out adorable.


These are the things I do when I’m not watching anime, reading manga, reading books, or playing video games. I believe we all have the ability to make wonderful things as long as we keep at it and practice. I have people all the time tell me that they suck at drawing. I wasn’t very good when I first started in fact I was awful but if you put in the effort it will show. With crochet I don’t look at it as a skill. People will tell me I’m talented but I think anyone can do it as long as you can follow instructions. Everyone can be great at what they want to be just put in the effort and all of your hard work will pay off.

If you also live in small town like me just know things like these hobbies help to feel connected. You are not alone. You are not weird because you’re the only one that likes the things you like. You are not the only one. There are millions of people just like you. You just have to find your own way to connect and that is one of our biggest goals here at geeky ‘n girly is connecting and bringing together those just like us. Thank you all for all of your continued support 🙂 If you also have a hobby that expresses your inner geek don’t hesitate to share them.


– Kelly




Lost in Wonderland

I had the privilege of getting to collaborate with my boyfriend’s beautiful and wonderful cousin Paige. She does such good work and I am so happy to have been photographed by her and her blog is wonderful as well it’s paigelyse.blogspot please give her blog a look.

I have always loved Alice. Ariel is my favorite princess but Alice isn’t a princess. She’s like me and you just trying to escape the everyday.



















My Alice sweater is from Forever 21 and so is the spike headband. My big green glitzy ring is from sorrelli and the other is a charm I got from hobby lobby. If you would like to see a makeup tutorial for this just let me know in the comments below. I hope you enjoyed this and as always thank you so much for supporting Britney and I 🙂 -Kelly

Recent Novel Reads


I haven’t read actual books in awhile as I’ve been reading mostly manga as of late but as fate would have it I’ve been having extra time in the morning before work so I decided to make two purchases one being The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky and the second being Looking for Alaska by John Green. I’m going to discuss The Perks of Being a Wallflower first.

I had been meaning to read this book for some time now I just never got around to it I kept seeing the previews for the movie and it seemed to have that “independent” feel to it that I love so much. I wanted to read the novel first before watching the movie so that I could truly experience it. I have only watched a movie before reading the book one time and that was back in high school my boyfriend took me to go see The Golden Compass and I fell in absolute love with it and had to have the book and was ecstatic when I found out it was a trilogy. So I got the books for Christmas that year and I was so upset when I read the book because of how marvelous and wondrous it was that I couldn’t believe how much the movie had been “disney-ed” up. I love the His Dark Materials trilogy it is one of my very favorites but I told myself I would never watch a movie before the novel again.

Sorry for that tangent. This is one of those books that you feel different after reading. That gives you hope for tomorrow. I related to Charlie in the sense of crying. I cry very easily and it’s something I used to hate about myself. You always know that one dad or grandfather that you’ve never seen cry except maybe once when something really happens. Something worth crying for. I wanted to be like that it seemed so beautiful to me. But I’m not that type of person and I’m alright with that now. I look at it that maybe I just feel things more that I love everything and everyone so much. So much that it overflows.

Everything about Charlie is beautiful. From just the way he feels walking home taking in the wind on your face and leaves falling and the way the air smells. It makes me happy that even though this is a novel that there are people who feel. I’m not saying that most people don’t feel because everyone does but this is different. These are the feelings that make you float that make your soul smile and choke you up. To quote American Beauty ” Sometimes there’s so much beauty in the world I feel like I can’t take it and my heart is just going to cave in.” Now I don’t know who he was writing to or that he was writing to anyone at all (as my boyfriend suggested) and I don’t think that it matters we all need to feel connected to someone or something and tell our hearts greatest wants and our story.

I feel this is relateable in the sense that we all have our Sam and Patrick at some point and time. That just like that you can meet extraordinary people.

You have to live with your soul wide open and love like you’ve never been hurt and trust like you’ve never been betrayed. There are bad people in this world don’t let them stifle you. At least you know that you’ve done what you can and that you’re a good person. This isn’t an in depth review. Just my feelings.


I read this novel directly after reading The Perks of Being a Wallflower so I was already quite emotional and then this hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s one of those you kind of want to chuck across the room and scream WHYYY but it’s real. These things happen and you can’t stop them. You have to pick up the pieces of what was your life and keep going remembering their smile the way they talked and carried themselves. I don’t have much to say on this one except that it made me feel. It made me feel alive.


I drew this for Alaska right after I read one of my favorite of many quotes.

” I wanted so badly to lie down next to her on the couch, to wrap my arms around her and sleep. Not fuck, like in those movies. Not even have sex. Just sleep together in the most innocent sense of the phrase. But I lacked the courage and she had a boyfriend and I was gawky and she was gorgeous and I was hopelessly boring and she was endlessly fascinating. So I walked back to my room and collapsed on the bottom bunk, thinking that if people were rain, I was drizzle and she was hurricane.”

Thank you for reading-Kelly

GnG Artwork via FB!

If you haven’t had a chance to check out our FB page yet, I’m giving you a reason now!

Kelly and I have uploaded our artwork onto albums on our Facebook, so please feel free to go check them out and comment. 🙂 ( )


Rock Lee by Britney.

– Britney

Manga Love

I haven’t done a post on manga yet so I thought I should. There is a wide variety of different types of manga to suit everyone’s taste but personally I prefer shoujo. I love shounen anime but I haven’t read any manga in that category. I did start Gintama which I love but didn’t have the time but now I’m reading so many shoujo ones I really don’t have the time lol. This is just a list of some of my favorites if you have a correlating love for these mangas let me know! I would love to discuss them.


1. Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

I love this manga for so many reasons it’s one of my absolute favorites. At first I wasn’t so sure I would like it but I was instantly hooked. Then I found out there was an anime of it too! There is only one season but I’ve heard talks of a second and that would be so great.
Ayuzawa Misaki is a wonderful lead in this she’s strong willed and passionate that’s one of the main reasons I love this manga so much. Usui Takumi is the male lead and he is equally wonderful. Sadly it will be ending very soon but it’s had a great run. It has it’s funny moments and hilarious side characters as well as it’s serious tear jerking moments. If you have thought about reading this manga and have any doubts I promise you won’t be disappointed by it.


2. Vampire Knight

This was the very first manga I read! It’s so good and you get so into the character relationships and get attached to them. I really felt pain for Zero and all he’s gone through you really just want to console him. In my opinion Yuki starts out really weak and always needs to be saved but she gets stronger as the manga progresses. This one will always hold a special place and I like that it has some pretty epic battle scenes.


3. Say I love you

I read the manga first then watched the anime a lot was changed in the anime but it’s like that with all of them. I really like the art in this manga. The way the characters are drawn can affect the entire mood of the story and willingness to read it. I haven’t come across many art styles like this but it’s very nice. Kurosawa Yamato is so cute and so is Takemura Kai. Tachibana Mei is one of my favorite female characters ever (aside from Hinata from Naruto she’s my number 1). She reminds me of me when I was younger and it’s beautiful to see her character progress as she makes more friends and lets her guard down.


4. Watashi ni xx shinasai

I love love this one! It gives me little butterflies when I read it and I also like the art in this one. I can’t wait for more updates! It’s definitely got it’s dramatic points and times you can’t decide which side your on and it just keeps you wanting more. Yukina makes you want to scream at her every now and then but overall it’s a great read and I love it.Well those are my favorites at the moment. What are your favorite mangas we would love to know and are open to discussions just comment below!

– Kelly

Geeky Tattoo’s

This is something that I was on the fence about in the past. I absolutely love my geekdom, but for a while I wasn’t really sure whether or not to get a tattoo to represent it. I do already have a tattoo, but it is a more of a representation of my passion for ancient culture.

Now, I had two issues with the geeky tattoo idea : (1) Maturity/professionalism and oddly enough,  (2) marriage.

1.) I really wondered whether or not I would lose respect from other people for having a geeky tattoo, particularly in the work force environment.

2.) Would I mind having this on me when I get married? This is mostly from a female perspective, I think.

These two things quickly dissolved from my mind after giving it some real thought. While I do want to be respected in my work life, I think that part of that is others accepting me for the geeky person I am. And as far as marriage goes.. Well, everyone attending and especially the future hubby better know what he’s getting himself into. I’m a geek. Period. I don’t foresee that ever changing!

My second issue then became: What do I get?

I’m pretty damn geeky. I love books, video games, anime, culture, arts & crafts, and nature. But what I really want is a video game tattoo. Now I’ve narrowed it down to just a million options, lol. I wanted something that showed the vastness of my video game love. I toyed with the idea of a controller, the NES logo, ect. But no, that just didn’t sit right with me. Then it hit me.

For those of you that do not know already, I completely and absolutely love the Final Fantasy series. I’ve played nearly every single one of them (Minus the PS3 versions because, well.. I don’t have a PS3), and I could sit and listen to their soundtracks for hours. The FF series is what inflamed my love for RPG’s as a whole. *Ahem* Thanks, FF! ^_^

So to skip all the rest of the mumbo-jumbo, I decided to get a Mog or Moogle tattooed on me! Here is my decision:


Cute, yeah? I love it. Moogles are a symbol of Final Fantasy, in my opinion. It’s going to be my next tattoo! And of course, I will post pictures when I get it.

So tell me, do you have a geeky tattoo or want to get one? If so, share your ideas and comments below! I’d love to see pictures!

Meanwhile, here are some other geeky tattoos that I’ve seen, liked, and wanted to share.