Geek Love Pt. 2


Why, oh why, is there a part two?

Well, geek met not-so geek and fell in love. Said geek (Me!) hasn’t been happier or more in love in her entire life.

Let me take this back ten months so that my later point makes more sense.

I met Ricky through an online dating website, and it’s really interesting how we first got in contact with each other. I was online browsing profiles when I came across Ricky. Initially I thought he was very attractive, but soon discovered from his “About Me” section that he was into salsa dancing, soccer, and played bass in a salsa band in the cultured big city of Austin, TX. Right away I was disappointed. There was no way this attractive cultured man would be interested in a geeky girl who played video games and went through a thick novel in the matter of a couple of days. So I clicked the “Meet Him” option that indicated that I’d like to meet him, but didn’t message him. I felt as though I already knew the response or the possible lack thereof.

I wandered on and off the site for an hour or so before I saw that I had a new message. From Ricky. I was genuinely surprised. In the message, he said hello and challenged me to answer some really random yet thought provoking questions. One of them was, “If you were alone at night in any city, what city would it be and why?” I found this message so much more engaging than the “Hi, how r u? Ur pretty” messages that I frequently got. I was intrigued!

The messages continued that night led to text messaging and those led to phone calls. I was finding out that he was much more than what he seemed and we were instantaneously drawn to each other. Those phone calls continued for a week before we set up our first date.

Needless to say, we hit it off despite the differences in our interests. Here is where I will admit that I was wrong in the way that I presented this topic to begin with.

I stated that geeks should date geeks in my original post. I was convinced there could be no other way. I do believe that this is still partially true, but there was one major difference.




: a person who is socially awkward and unpopular : a usually intelligent person who does not fit in with other people

: a person who is very interested in and knows a lot about a particular field or activity


This blog serves the purpose of revealing to others that geeks aren’t always socially awkward or unpopular. However, the second definition always holds true.

In that regard, a geek should date another geek. By that I mean, a person who is very passionate about one or more subjects should date someone who is the same way. The major correction I’m making to my initial blog is this: The subjects that each geek is passionate about need not be the same!

After ten months in a loving happy relationship with someone who hardly plays games, reads, or indulges in the purchasing of one too many geeky t-shirts, I’ve found that the most important thing is that we can relate to each other’s passions because we have our own. We also respect each other for being passionate no matter what it’s about. The icing on the cake is our equal openness to trying and experiencing new things; particularly what the other is passionate about.

Don’t get me wrong though; there are both sides to this coin. Some people are so closed minded that they unconsciously require their s/o to be into the exact same things. However, it doesn’t have to be a problem that she doesn’t play Black Ops or that he doesn’t want to read steamy romance novels. As long as two people can keep an open mind and understand the passion his/her significant other has for one or more subjects.

Personally, I think geeks have some of the best understanding of passions hence why geeks should date geeks.

In the past ten months, I have turned into a big FC Barcelona fan from watching the games with Ricky when I’ve never watched soccer before in my life. At the same time, Ricky has admitted to being a fan of Harry Potter after he reluctantly agreed to watch all of the movies with me for the first time. I may not be ready to purchase each year’s Barca jersey and he may not be interested in reading the bulk that is H.P. but we were open minded and found these new interests through each other.

So there it is. I stand corrected, albeit partially corrected but still!


~ Britney



5 thoughts on “Geek Love Pt. 2

  1. Sweet, oh and welcome back. Its been a while since I read an article from you as your blog has been inactive and this was the perfect way to start, at least for me. I’d also like to wish you congratulations and the best for your relationship. Its hard meeting good people these days, especially those that are open minded. Its nice that you too partake in each other’s passions. Oh and as a huge football fan that backs the team opposite to barca I am afraid that we will now become enemies, haha just kidding 😉
    Any who this was a great read as always. I hope its not too long until I can read another.

    • Thank you, thank you! Ricky is really quite the catch and I don’t plan on ever letting him get away. 😉

      *Gasp!* Are you a dreaded Real Madrid fan? The horror! We most definitely can’t be friends anymore. (Jk, jk, of course!)

      Thanks for being so interactive with us. I look forward to your conversation on our posts!

      – Britney

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  3. Nice to see you girls blogging again! Major congrats on being in a happy relationship, Britney. 🙂 I do stand by finding someone who shares similar interests as you, but I do agree that it isn’t the end all to be all for having a successful relationship. As you said, the best way a relationship has a chance of lasting and working is if you both have something you’re passionate about. It may not be the same hobbies you’re into, but if you’re both open to learning and sharing them with each other, then you’ve got something special. I personally think if the person you’re with isn’t passionate about anything or doesn’t try to take an interest in what you like, then you might run into problems with the relationship. I’m glad you found a good catch!

    • We’re glad to be back blogging again! And thank you. 🙂 He is definitely a great catch, and he knows it. I tell him every day. We’ve been very happy as long as we both maintain an open mind and try to have a foot in each other’s passions. It works. 😉

      Thanks for the comment! I look forward to many more.

      – Britney

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