Noms of My Generation

It’s time again for Flashback Friday and today I’m going to be looking back at the best noms of my childhood. Some of these items are still available at your local grocery store but sadly many of them aren’t.  😦  It’s alright though, it’s nice to look back and remember what we stuffed our faces with while sitting in front of the TV, having sleep overs with our best friends or secretly trading at school.



These were the coolest things ever. I remember when our little grocery store in town stocked them and my brother and I had to have them. They were the best to scarf down while drinking a soda and playing computer games (at least that’s what I did) just watch those orange fingers. 🙂



Hands down the best flavored gum and I loved that it was in little pieces and the fact it was in a little jug made it feel like you had a ton of it.



Colored ketchup! If I remember correctly you could get the green ketchup at burger king with a mighty kids meal.



Oh I wonder wonder what’s in wonder ball! Come on you know you just sang that. I think the best appeal of the wonder ball was the fact that you got two different candies in one the chocolate outside and the sweet tart like candies on the inside.



Bubble beepers enough said. I’m sure a lot of kids now would have no idea what these are but then you were pretty cool rocking one of these babies on the pocket of your jeans.



This cereal was so good it was so hard to choose between these and cookie crisp.



This gum was great too. I loved the fact that it came in a tin. When all the gum was gone it was the perfect mini storage container.



Now the gum that was so tasty but lasted for like a second but fruit stripe made up for it with the awesome tattoos on the wrappers.



This was my absolute favorite cereal of all time! It was the best and it brings me great sadness that you can’t get it anymore. The little toast pieces were very cute as well.



Last but not least the most remembered and best soda of the 90’s was surge. If  you watch 90’s shows you can see some cans in the scenes it was so good and the best for a late night of gaming.

I noticed a trend that there were a lot of different types of gum aimed at children in the 90’s. Now I just see the standard bubblelicious, hubba bubba and the multi colored gumballs that will never go out of production. These are just my personal favorites if I’ve missed any that you would like to add just comment them below Britney and I as always love to get feedback from you guys. Thank you so much for reading my post.  🙂



5 thoughts on “Noms of My Generation

  1. Oof! Right in the nostalgia! Shout out to some of my favs from this list – Oreo O’s, French Toast Crunch, and bubble beepers. Oh those bubble beepers . . . great post!

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