Flower Garden Eyes (Make-Up Tutorial)

Today is Make-Up Monday! šŸ™‚ I decided that I wanted to do a flower/garden type look with rose colors and greens. I sort of experimented the whole way through so forgive me if some steps include a little more.

Step 1

I put on foundation, powder, and blush before.

First step is applying an eye shadow base. I use Urban Decay‘s.

Step 2


Apply a light lavender or pink to the inside corners of your eyes and beneath your brows.

Step 3


Apply light green to your eyelid.

Step 4


Blend a light golden brown and dark golden brown above the green.

Step 5


At the outside corner of your eye on your eyelid, I blended in a dark green. Right above that I blended in a dark purple.

Step 6


Apply orange in between the dark purple and the lavender for a pop of color.

Step 7


Take a fine tipped brush and apply your eye shadow base to your bottom lid. Clean the brush. Take that brush and apply dark purple from your tear duct to just past the circle of your eye. From there, apply dark green to the outer corner. I chose to go further to create a green wing of shadow.

Step 8


I wanted more color so I applied a medium purple in between the orange and the dark purple to blend it better and show more purple. I also drew a thin line of dark brown liquid liner across the top eyelid and arched it at the end for a small wing.

Step 9


Add Mascara!

I hope you like it!

I decided to play it up some more by curling my hair in tight coils, adding lipstick, and a very cute rosy pink dress I bought at Ross.

The gallery below has the pictures that I took after!



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