Pokemon Nostalgia

Hey there it’s Kelly, earlier Britney introduced our first flashback Friday post and here is mine for the day!


My post is about as you can tell pokemon! I just really wanted to talk about being a kid and remembering my first experiences with the show and everything else that came along after. The first time I ever watched the show it was an early Saturday morning my brother and I were in front of the television watching what every 90’s kid did. Saturday morning cartoons. While eating cereal we were flipping around the channels when we happened across the very first episode. We were instantly hooked and thinking to ourselves this is so awesome what is this? When can I watch more!? We went to school virtually no one knew what we were talking about but when the fandom that was pokemon hit the scene it just took over. Kids were trading cards in the bathrooms and out on the playground during recess. My favorite card I ever had I had gotten a single pack of cards at walmart and inside was a holographic dark dragonite card I thought I had found the holy grail of cards lol. Then the movies started to come out.


You’re liar if you say you didn’t cry lol. Pokemon just holds a special place in my heart and makes me feel like a carefree little kid and in this grown up hard world it’s nice to feel that way sometimes. I always hoped a boy would come along and steal my bike and end up taking me on an adventure. I’m sure a lot of 90’s girls felt that way. We would like to know what was your first experience like and what your favorite games and merchandise were just comment below 🙂 -Kelly


6 thoughts on “Pokemon Nostalgia

  1. Pokémon holds a special place in my heart as well. I loved the first few seasons of the show, but it’s always been the gameboy games that got me completely hooked. I remember my littlebrother begged me to go and see the first movie with him, and so we did. Instead of having a cool big bro with him (I was around 18 at the time), I ended up sobbing like a whipped pig because it was so emotional for me haha!

    I have been a big fan since the first games, and I still play it competitively to this day. Of all the big frnachises, Pokémon seems to be the only one that has stayed true to it’s origins. Small changes with each generation, but still basically the same game. It will be exciting to see how Pokémon X and Y will change that 🙂

    • It’s impossible not to cry! I haven’t played much of the newer ones but I’ve got most of the originals around here somewhere and I’ve got a 64 that still works here so I can play Pokemon snap whenever I like 🙂 for me it was mostly about the show and the cards I also collected the marbles. Thank you so much for sharing with us. -Kelly

  2. Maybe it’s all of the controversy surrounding next gen, but I think I’m looking forward to Pokemon X and Y more than any other game this year. That’s what you call “staying power.” Also, Pokemon Snap is one of my all time favorite games ever, and the game I like to throw in people’s faces when they say Nintendo can’t break formula.

    • It is great staying power, but I have never been able to bring myself to like the newer Pokemon. I believe that even though the gameplay, graphics, ect might be getting better, their lacking in the creativity department with the new Pokemon. I’m still a huge fan of the first three generations though. 🙂 And Pokemon Snap was the bomb! It gave us such a unique way to see all of our favorite Pokemon.

      – Britney

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