Crunchyroll Offers Anime Merch to Fans

Good to know! I’m personally an person, but to each his own. And apparently more!

– Britney

Another Castle

Streaming anime to fans is just part of what Crunchyroll offers. Recently, Crunchyroll has opened up a new store where they sell anime merchandise to fans. Everything from figurines to mousepads; necklaces to DVDs, Crunchyroll is a one-stop shop when it comes to anime. Daily deals are also available and are always a thing to watch on the site; you never know when your favorite series will have a figuring on sale!

Members of Crunchyroll can not only stream videos in HD on their Xbox, stream anime without commercials but now they can get merchandise from their favorite anime series at a discounted price. Crunchyroll offers a discount on all of their products to their members which makes becoming a member even more enticing. In addition to purchasing items that are already on the market, members and non-members alike can pre-order items that will be released at a later date. With…

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