Manga Love

I haven’t done a post on manga yet so I thought I should. There is a wide variety of different types of manga to suit everyone’s taste but personally I prefer shoujo. I love shounen anime but I haven’t read any manga in that category. I did start Gintama which I love but didn’t have the time but now I’m reading so many shoujo ones I really don’t have the time lol. This is just a list of some of my favorites if you have a correlating love for these mangas let me know! I would love to discuss them.


1. Kaichou Wa Maid Sama

I love this manga for so many reasons it’s one of my absolute favorites. At first I wasn’t so sure I would like it but I was instantly hooked. Then I found out there was an anime of it too! There is only one season but I’ve heard talks of a second and that would be so great.
Ayuzawa Misaki is a wonderful lead in this she’s strong willed and passionate that’s one of the main reasons I love this manga so much. Usui Takumi is the male lead and he is equally wonderful. Sadly it will be ending very soon but it’s had a great run. It has it’s funny moments and hilarious side characters as well as it’s serious tear jerking moments. If you have thought about reading this manga and have any doubts I promise you won’t be disappointed by it.


2. Vampire Knight

This was the very first manga I read! It’s so good and you get so into the character relationships and get attached to them. I really felt pain for Zero and all he’s gone through you really just want to console him. In my opinion Yuki starts out really weak and always needs to be saved but she gets stronger as the manga progresses. This one will always hold a special place and I like that it has some pretty epic battle scenes.


3. Say I love you

I read the manga first then watched the anime a lot was changed in the anime but it’s like that with all of them. I really like the art in this manga. The way the characters are drawn can affect the entire mood of the story and willingness to read it. I haven’t come across many art styles like this but it’s very nice. Kurosawa Yamato is so cute and so is Takemura Kai. Tachibana Mei is one of my favorite female characters ever (aside from Hinata from Naruto she’s my number 1). She reminds me of me when I was younger and it’s beautiful to see her character progress as she makes more friends and lets her guard down.


4. Watashi ni xx shinasai

I love love this one! It gives me little butterflies when I read it and I also like the art in this one. I can’t wait for more updates! It’s definitely got it’s dramatic points and times you can’t decide which side your on and it just keeps you wanting more. Yukina makes you want to scream at her every now and then but overall it’s a great read and I love it.Well those are my favorites at the moment. What are your favorite mangas we would love to know and are open to discussions just comment below!

– Kelly


6 thoughts on “Manga Love

  1. I like Vampire Knight, but haven’t finished it yet. My personal top faves are Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, and Ouran High School Host Club. There’s more, but it may take me quite a bit of time to list them all. πŸ˜›

    • I love it! I stopped reading for a while because it’s hard to get into when you can only get a chapter a month it becomes hard to follow ago I’m waiting and letting it build up a bit. I haven’t read ouran host club but have heard many good things and would like to πŸ™‚

  2. Out of the ones you listed I’ve only read watashi ni xx shinasai (as an aspiring writer, it’s kind of fun), and I tried vampire knight but I got a bit bored of it. I enjoy a mix of shoujo and shounen (fruits basket, dengeki daisy, fairy tail, black butler, soul eater) and calmer things like bartender and mushishi. I also keep finding that anime/manga I enjoy were based on light novels, so I’ve been trying to track down some translations. Slayers, Spice and Wolf and Haruhi have been great fun to read.

    • I love dengeki daisy! VK did have it’s moments where it drug on but as it goes on there are intense battle sequences and it’s drawn really well. I’ve only gotten a little into soul eater watching the anime that is and I want more I like it. Very nice!

  3. Well since this is shoujo themed, right now the only shoujo I’ve been keeping an eye on is Bokura no Kiseki. It is probably one of the weirdest things I’ve read so far regarding shoujo, and yet despite all the talking, I can’t help but keep reading it because there’s something interesting about it. If you have some time, go check it out if you want πŸ˜€

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