Color Tattoo Cream Gel shadow eyestudio: Mabeline

These eye shadows look amazing! Not only did the colors make me stop to take a look, but the name really caught my eye. “Color Tattoo”?! I think, yes. 😀 Long lasting, waterproof, sheer. What else could a girl want? I think I might have to get a few of these!
– Britney



These are seriously adorable!! I love them to death and the best part is that its waterproof!! If you`re going out for a swim or just hanging out on a casual summer day, wearing this long lasting eyeshadow is perfect! It never fades and you can apply it the way you desire. Sheer or intense! Its really fun just to work with these eye shadows because you never have to worry about fallout or creasing which is a big relief!! I have the Bad to the Bronze (metallic brown) shade and the Painted in Purple shade,which is honestly such a remarkable and fun color!! In one of Macbarbie07`s video on YouTube, she applied the Painted in Purple onto her lower lash line and it was stunning for an everyday summer look!!



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