Windows Phone: Why should you get one?


If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m an avid fan of the Windows phones. I’ve had one for the past couple of years, and I have to say that I like it so much that I forgot (until my brother reminded me) that my next upgrade through my provider was coming up. Typically by that time, I’m fed up. The screen is scratched, the phone freezes, it’s bogged down, and I’m just wanting to throw it into a brick wall.

However, I’ve got to say that I have been very pleased with my Windows phone. So I decided to make a simple list of why people should break their clingy iron grips off of Androids and IPhones to see what Windows has to offer.

As I’m not going to drown you in technical mumbo-jumbo, I want to say that this list is more of why I THINK, aka opinions, people should take a look at Windows phones when contemplating a new phone.

Gorilla Glass

Anyone who owns a smart phone should already know about Gorilla Glass. If not, google it! This stuff is, by far, my favorite invention for phones as I am accident prone. It’s tough, durable, and 99% scratch proof. I won’t go so far to say that its indestructible like they want you to believe because I have seen teeny-tiny surface scratches on my phone. Of course, it’s only when I tilt the phone into the light at a very specific angle and look extremely close.

Socially Integrated

Windows phones integrate Facebook and e-mail into your phone. The big whoop about this is that your FB contacts are integrated and then you have the option of either chatting them up via FB or simply texting all from your contact list. It also has a quick FB program that lets you easily post your status, check all your posts, lists your notifications, and other such things. You are able to download a more detailed FB App via the Marketplace as well, but I don’t use it 85% of the time.

Simple Interface

You have two main screens. Your main Tile Screen, and your programs list. The two are only a quick swipe left or right away from each other. I LOVE this feature. It’s simple and straightforward. You don’t get lost in lists, pages, and options of crap. This is my favorite thing about Windows, and is why I often recommend these phones to those who are new to smart phones. I also believe that it is the reason why it functions so quickly, which brings me to the next feature.

Quick Loading

Touch, you’re there. Swipe, you’re there. Windows loads in a split second. It doesn’t pause, it doesn’t lag, and it rarely freezes. In the almost two years that I’ve had it, it’s frozen twice. That’s it! Those were the only two major problems I’ve had with it.


Everyone has seen the Windows’ tile screen. It’s like a mini bulletin board of all the things that you want on your main screen except you can prioritize and customize your options much better. There are three sizes for tiles. Small square (allows four across the screen), medium square (allows two), and a large rectangle (allows one from edge to edge). Are you a music person? Then enlarge that music shortcut to the rectangle! The larger it is, the easier it is to click. Not all the icons are stuck being the same size. And of course you can arrange them any way you want.

Another bit of the customization is choosing the color for your tiles. This has been updated to all sorts of bright or pastel colors. 🙂


A lot of people complain about Zune. I really don’t know why. I’ve had an Ipod Nano so I’ve had experience with ITunes, and I feel like ITunes is to IProducts as Zune is to Windows. You pull your stuff from your computer and paste/upload it to Zune. It’s easy. Not to mention that there is a Auto-Or not Sync to your phone and computer. Personally, I don’t know how many times I’ve been glad that my phone auto-syncs my files onto Zune. Because later when I decide I don’t want that picture anymore on my phone, it’s still on my computer.

Accident Proof

Here comes the amusing part. I dropped my phone in the toilet. Yes, that’s right! I joined the vast population of those that have given their phone a toilet water bath. But, I digress. My phone falls out of my back pocket and into the toilet for.. just about 4-5 seconds before I ninja’ed it out of the water. Now, regardless of how long it was in there, it was fully submerged. I swiped it out, dried it off really fast, then begin to giggle hysterically because lo’ and behold it was still powered on! OMFG.

Just to be on the safe side, though, I turned it off, took the case off, and dried it more. The second time I turned it on I checked all the buttons and what have you. It works perfectly fine!


So I have to ask everyone to at least (AT LEAST) check out the Windows phones when you get ready to buy a new phone or upgrade to a new one. Yes, you may love your Android or IPhone. Yes, it may just the way you want it. But what harm will it do to just check it out?! Seriously. 🙂 You might just be glad you did.

– Britney


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