First Look at Hi-Res Final Fantasy VIII for PC


Square Enix just announced that 1999 role-playing game Final Fantasy VIII is coming to PC in Japan! I have to say that even though it is one of my least favorite FF games, I am still excited that they are remaking it. I am sort of hoping that it will eventually link up to high resolutions remakes of the others such as my favorite FFIX.

It is said that the PC version is going to feature high-resolution graphics, but they have not announced its release date as well as whether or not it will have additional content. Here is a first look at it:



I personally can’t remember what the graphics look like, but I still don’t think see much of a change here. Anyone else think so?

I was reading comments on other websites about this release, and people aren’t exactly excited. There was a good bit of FFVIII bashing going on. What is everyone’s opinion on FFVIII? Terrible, tolerable, good?

– Britney


2 thoughts on “First Look at Hi-Res Final Fantasy VIII for PC

  1. I thought VIII was all right. Tolerable. I guess the textures look smoother, but from the screens, I’m not incredibly excited about it. An FFIX HD remake, however, I would definitely enjoy.

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