Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack (Full)

Ok, so I got on a FF kick this morning and came across this blog! FFIX is my favorite Final Fantasy game and so I had to share this when I came across it because it does have wonderful soundtrack. I didn’t expect anything less from Nobuo Uematsu though. 🙂

Thank you for this link! The whole FFIX OST on one video?! I think yes!

– Britney

Final Fantasy IX Blog

Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack (Full)

What a great soundtrack.  In the immortal words of Villiscaband1, one of the top YouTube comments on this video is as follows:

“The music is so awesome and perfect to have in the background while either sleeping eating playing league of legends playing ff9 taking a crap cooking cleaning spanking the monkey walking the dog changing diapers taking another crap watering the grass and living basically.”

Amen, brother.

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