‘Tamagotchi’ Returning as Mobile App

I came across this awesome girly and her blog, and also..
Tamagotchi’s are coming back! But not in the format you might think. They are coming available as an app for your phone. 😀

As of right now, I know they are available for IPhones and Androids, but not for Microsoft phones. Damn. I literally just checked.


When nostalgia hits me, I normally think of a few key things that frequented my highly imaginative childhood: Legend of Zelda, Xena, my Gameboy, and that damned virtual Tamagotchi pet that I kept accidentally killing. And does anyone else remember the Digimon toys that kind of resembled Tamagotchi? I miss those things…

90’s kids everywhere may be thrilled to discover that Bandai recently announced plans to revive the virtual brand experience with new apps for iOS and Android devices. Called Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. (Love Is Fun Everywhere), the simulation will soon be available on Google Play and the App Store and will include a familiar ‘Retro Mode’ feature which will bring back the similar gameplay from the original 1990s toys, as well as a new updated mode that will allow players to save their progress. Killed your cat? No worries… just start your game over!

An official release date has not…

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