More entertaining than the game itself?!



So being the sister and often girlfriend of gamers, you encounter a lot situations when you’re the one watching instead of playing. In these horrid predicaments, I often find that I can’t get into the game because well.. I’m not playing! Instead, I start to watch the players themselves.

Anyone do this? No?

Then get to it!

Some of the funniest expressions I have ever seen occur when others are playing a video game. They are so sporadic, instantaneous, and change so quickly that I often find more entertaining to watch them than the game itself.

What’s funnier than that, you might ask? Well, this exact same thing but add headphones/headsets into the mix.

So now you have the whole array of emotions playing across their faces and also outbursts of curse words and cheers; a gamer’s Tourette’s. Priceless.

Anyone do this, try this, going to try this? Trust me, you’ll at least be mildly amused. Granted, it’s funnier watching some people more than others, but still.

PS: Share your stories if you try this!

– Britney


7 thoughts on “More entertaining than the game itself?!

  1. Watching someone tackle the same bosses you defeated in Skyrim but with completely different tactics is fun, and there are always hilarious deaths to go with it. In general, I’m happy to watch games (especially story-heavy games) even if I don’t play them, I can get almost as much out of them that way.
    Of course, occasionally you end up putting up with repeated rounds of (pointless) poker in dead rising 2…

  2. That’s an interesting take on it. Usually my tactics are always very different from the boys, haha. And I do agree with you regarding the story-heavy games. Now I can spend hours watching games like that, but I findmyself watch others’ faces when they play more fast action games like FPS’s and such. The immediate reactions from being stabbed from behind or taking a grenade to the face is h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s.

    – Britney

    • I always loved watching my boyfriend play the elder scrolls IV oblivion I could literally watch it all day. Especially when he would get in the arena. I’m sure the look on my own face is hilarious playing fable when you happen across balverines. For some reason they scare the he’ll out of me lol. -Kelly

  3. I was always more of the spectator than the participator when it came to video games (back when I never used to play games all that much). I agree, it really is entertaining to watch someone else play a game. The expressions and outbursts that come from my friends or cousin is priceless! They even say funny things in the heat of the moment. 🙂

    • I was a forced spectator when I was younger because my parents always bought my brother the game systems. So he’d buy one player games and I’d be forced to watch. But hey, I’m not complaining. If it weren’t for that, I would have never watched him play Final Fantasy VII. ❤ *Happy Sigh* Haha.

      The outbursts are the best! It always cracks me up. Never fails. 😀

      – Britney

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