Ahhh, Video Game Music <3

What can I say? I’m an absolute sucker for video game music. It is my favorite genre of music!

So here is a list that I really appreciated this morning of very beautiful video game music. Enjoy. 🙂

– Britney


7 thoughts on “Ahhh, Video Game Music <3

  1. Lovvveeee. I’m going to video games live next month and cannot wait. Music for games continues to get better and better. More importantly, game music ties into the emotions recalled from playing games as well.

    • I’m glad I reached someone who loves video game music too! I’ve been to a V.G. Live show and I was in heaven, haha. Definitely in my element. And I agree completely with you. Some of the most emotion invoking songs I’ve heard are from video games.

      I hope you have a great time at V.G. Live!

      – Britney

  2. Love game music! I wrote a piece about it a bit back too 🙂 I wish I was in Atlanta still so I could back to back Symphony of the Goddess and Distant Worlds concerts… but alas, I am not. This list list is great. Nothing that was immediately on my top list necessarily (except the KH) but I loved listening though.


    • *High Five*

      I am so jealous if you’ve been to a Distant Worlds concert! I am dying to go, but I live in San Antonio, TX and they wouldn’t hit it in a tour.

      Final Fantasy is by far my favorite game series, and Nobuo Uematsu is my favorite video game composer. I love the stuff he has made from the beginning. — As far as this video, I was sort of caught off guard by the music chosen because it wasn’t the usual popular tracks but it was still quite beautiful.

      I will most likely post more videos, information, and thoughts about video game music as its just a big part of me. 🙂

      – Britney

      • Yeah, I thought the picks were definitely not from the usual suspects. One of my favorite unusual suspects is A Place Where Wind and Feathers Return, from Radiant Historia. Such a simple song, but it is so beautiful, and works so well in the game. It’s what I listen to on long rides when I want to get to sleep. So soothing.


  3. I’d probably pick a few different tracks for my top 10, but I appreciate that the video takes the time to explain the meaning behind each choice. I think that while video game music can be appreciated on any level, having context — or the memory of a game associated with a given song — adds that much more to the experience.

    • Yes, indeed! Some of it is wonderfully composed as well. Whether it’s an 8 bit melody or a fully orchestrated song, I always seem to enjoy video game music. 🙂

      – Britney

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