Booby Troubles

Booby Troubles

When I saw this picture the title read, “Busty Girl Problem,” but in all reality I know that all ladies with medium+ busts have had this problem! I know I have!

I’m guilty of buying a few shirts that wont button up top. My tip? Leave the damn thing unbuttoned and put a tank top underneath it. Problem Solved!

Like if you’ve had the same troubles and feel free to share past experiences!

– Britney


2 thoughts on “Booby Troubles

  1. I can’t say I relate to this because I’m less…ahem…padded in that area. Still, my friends have that same problem and it makes me glad that shopping for shirts isn’t such a chore! I’d be sobbing too if I saw a cute shirt that won’t fit right and I have to leave it behind.

    • It’s definitely difficult! Which is why I’ve learned to leave the buttons undone and wear undershirts if I really want the top. I actually have a black and white polka dot one like that right now. I wear a red or coral undershirt and the accent colors really add character to the outfit! 🙂

      Well I’m glad you don’t have this problem. It does suck when things don’t work out for whatever reason.

      – Britney

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