Winged liner Tutorial


Hello this is just a quick tutorial on how I do my pretty much everyday winged liner. I personally wear this on most days but for some it may be a bit much. I’ve spent lots of time perfecting on how I do my liner and I’m happy with how I do it now 🙂 I’m not a professional by any means and I apologize I could not do this in video format as it would be a lot easier to understand but if this helps anyone it would make me very happy!


These are the products being used you can find them at walmart, target, ulta, or most drugstores.


I’m starting out with just some shimmery powder on my lids and I’ve used the NYX wonder pencil on my lower water line. You may use white if you wish I do sometimes but I like that it looks a little more natural against the already dramatic liner. I believe you can get it in 3 different shades the one I’m using is medium and it’s just used to brighten your eyes and make them look more open. Then take the Maybeline gel liner and tight line your upper water line to make your lashes look fuller.


Now take a liquid liner any will do but I prefer Maybeline line stiletto because you can make thin lines and it’s very fluid. You want to start in the middle of your lid and make short strokes all the way to the outer edge of your eye staying close to the lash line. You start in the middle because there is more product on the felt tip and when you begin to do the inner corner you don’t want to re-dip your pen you want less product so that it makes an even thinner line.


This is the same small strokes with the pen until you meet the center making it thinner at the inner corner and building it up to meet the center.


Take the gel liner and starting where you stopped with the liquid create the upper portion of the wing by gently pulling the product out and slightly downward getting lighter with your hand towards the end to make the line sharper.


Now form a triangle going up into your lower water line lining only a third of the way and fill in the triangle you just formed.


Underneath this and this is optional take a light brown matte powder. I’m using the powder from my elf eyebrow kit and take any thin angled liner brush and push it right under your wing for a soft look. Then just add your favorite mascara mines the falsies by Maybeline and you’re done. Have fun with it and just enjoy being a girl 🙂 If you have any questions or suggestions please comment below I would be more than happy to answer them. -Kelly


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